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EC Black Friday Haul

A bit late since we are already rolling into Christmas. The end of the term too a lot out of me. I also had a few growing pains within our mixed family that we needed to sort out. This did not leave much time for blogging. I do have 9 days off from work, because of school vacation. I plan on relaxing, blogging, and gaming. I will also start my next term early to get a headstart. I will also be working remotely for the first week in January due to being exposed by a Covid 19 positive child in the classroom. I tested negative, but to be on the safe side during the holidays, our school will be remote that first week back. It is sad, because we just got out of hybrid into full in-person learning. Now, we will be back to hybrid and the remote model. The remote model doesn’t work for pre-k students and it is sad to only get 30 minutes a day with them versus 6 hours.

I purchased this Kindness and Joy Journal for my daughter, so we can do our journals together every Saturday when she stays overnight. I figure, it is something nice that we can do together and also keeps her attitude in check. It’ll be a good way to remind her to be nice to her brother and be grateful for all of the things she has and all the people she has in her life who love her. It’s all about being grateful and I think this will help her a lot.

I bought two packets of these Hello Kitty stickers. I bought a pack for me and a pack for my daughter. She can embellish her journal with these and they are just so stinking cute! I go through a ton of stickers in my planner, so these really won’t last long at all. I’m actually going to switch to a new planner next year, so I use less stickers and the planner is more functional for me. Still gonna use stickers, but I won’t need a shit ton to just take up space anymore when I have an uneventful day.

I love these sticky notes! I use sticky notes in my planner when I have appointments or events in advance. I don’t like to put a sticker down to mark anything until I know it is happening or it has happened. I also bought tape that I can turn the Hello Kitty face flags into stickers!

I am so excited for Christmas this year and everything that we bought the kids. I am wishing everyone a Happy Holiday, no matter what you chose to celebrate. This is a time for joy and for giving. I hope everyone stays safe and that no one is alone this holiday season.

With Love,


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