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20 in 2020: November Edit

November was a really love use it up month. I used up 6 sheets of stickers that are not shown in the pictures below. I decided to just keep track of that in my declutter series. My goal for this project was to use up 1K worth of products like makeup, hair, skin, and nails. I was hoping the November would have picked up, but it never did during this time. I know that I have used up a few things in December and I have re-doubled my efforts to make sure that I hit my 1K goal. I think that I will continue my 1K declutter series in the new year as well as re-trying the makeup challenge which will be using up 21 makeup products in 2021. I don’t feel like redoing my 1K use up, because I am pretty confident of achieving it this year and I’d like to concentrate on using up my makeup. I don’t think that I can do too many challenges at once and be successful.

Let’s recap from October!

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $821.08

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 6/20

Hair Care:

I used up the Color X-Change Phase out and Lock in packets. It striped most of my pink out. I decided to go red, so I didn’t use the second set that I purchased. I am going to hold onto the set, until I want to strip color out of my hair or if I hear of a friend stripping color. This is a good one to try on semi-permanent hair dye or fashion colors. It cost me $7.40 for a single set. I went through this deluxe size of Drybar Detox Clear Dry Shampoo within a couple of uses. I love it and it works. It is just expensive.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $830.78

Self Care:

I used up another bottle of my hair gummies. I noticed my hair being stronger and smoother/softer. My nails don’t break as easy either anymore. I will continue to purchase when I run out. It is $25 for a month supply, but I NEVER remember to take them routinely and it still works for me. I used up my LUSH Mint Julips lip scrub. I just picked up a Sephora brand lip scrub to replace it as I don’t live near a Lush. I do have plans on hitting one up next year. It is also pricy at $12.95, but it lasts FOREVER. I probably have had mine longer than I should have.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $868.73

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 6/20

I will be SO CLOSE to hitting my goal and I am going to try my very best to use up (responsibly not wastefully) some of my expensive products that I have been milking along too afraid of using them up. I need to use up $130 roughly worth of product by the end of December. I think this can be achieved with makeup/hair products/ and skin care but I am really nervous. I AM SO CLOSE! I know with the tax spent on these products it totals over 1K now, but I really want to try to reach that last $130. I only have 11 more days to do so while writing this. Time to haul ass!

With Love,

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