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1K Declutter: November

December is almost gone and I am finally finding myself writing this post. I decluttered a few things in November and really not much so far in December. I have two weeks off of work though for the Holidays, so I plan on getting much of my decluttering done then. I am still working on organizing our living room and our bedroom. The living room is more like a play room for the kids and I am looking to organize it more as such. When we buy our home, we will have a separate communal playroom for the kids. We don’t do much entertaining and we watch tv in our bedroom. Our living room isn’t being utilized to the fullest and I’d like to get more value out of it.


I am giving these sink strainers to Martin’s mom as these sizes do not fit any of our sinks or the tub. She might have some use for these and if not, she can pass them on to someone who might need them. These were so cheap, they were not worth the time and effort to return them during a pandemic.


I gave this to my mom to try as I didn’t like this very much. I told her to try it in her smoothies for a boost, but I think it tastes like dirt. We are both into try supplements though, so it was worth it to give to her to try as it was just sitting on my counter unused.


I have put this into long term storage. The butcher shop is super packed now and I can’t order a box to pickup anymore because of the pandemic. I won’t be separating and storing my meats anywhere in the near future.


I wore these leggings until the crotch ripped open and Dean wore his little shoes out in a matter of months.


I used up a lip scrub and my vitamins


I used up some hair products and I am on my way to finishing a few more, but I do not know if they will be empty by the end of the year. I have been enjoying what I have been using and I think that is more important.

My photo for my 6 sheets of stickers was corrupted, but I did use up 6 sticker sheets this past month. That brings my total up to 277. I did hit my 250 goal for this year, but I will not be getting much further at this point. I plan on continuing my 1K declutter next year until I declutter/use up 1,000 items.

With Love,


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