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The Value of a $20 Weekly Kit

I purchased a weekly kit for $20. I was curious to see how much of a value I was getting for my money. I am really a fan of no white space or limited white space. I cannot afford to be no white space all the time, but these kits make it possible for me to get a spread with very little white space. I really loved how pretty this kit was and I couldn’t wait until the winter time to use it! I ended up using it during the Fall in November and I haven’t looked back since. Looking at the spread now, I am still just as in love with it. I love the way that I plan. Right now, it is more of a memory planner, but in the future, I plan on it being more functional for me where I can have my list pad in my planner, an hourly layout for appointments, and space for stickers all in one planner.

The overview of using my weekly kit. I did add a couple of stickers from my own collection, but this is mostly the weekly kit. It is so pretty, I can’t even.

I don’t have a ton of stuff to get done everyday. I don’t document my whole life. I like to just focus on the highlights or high priority items. I do want to move to a more functional format, but I do love these decorative memory spreads.

I ended up taking a sick day this week, because Dean had a tummy upset due to his molars coming in. The end of the week was busier for me as I procrastinate my homework.

I was able to get a good chunk of a 2nd week out of this kit. I still have plenty of leftovers that I will show at the end of this blog post. I really like the way that this week looks as well. I am a fan of soft pastels.

This was a much busier week and I felt more productive as well. I was a big fan of the deco in this kit. The cat and candle sticks are adorable.

I love looking back on my planner and seeing everything I was able to accomplish. I was accepted to my 3rd National Honor Society in college this week.

I only had two stickers of deco left on this sheet that are long since used up.

I have plenty of check lists and scripts with deco leftover to use in future spreads.

I still have a few headers and little things to use in other spreads.

There are a couple of boxes on this sheet leftover.

There are a couple of lists and a box leftover.

One box leftover that has since been used up.

Empty sheet.

Mostly full sheet.

Empty Sheet.

Overall, I think $20 is worth it if you have the extra cash to spend. However, I will buy these kits when they are 50% off for $10 as I don’t think they are worth $20. I did enjoy using them and I would buy more weekly kits again, just not at full price.

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