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Sticky Situations Co Black Friday Haul

I made a Black Friday order at my favorite sticker store, because she was selling reusable sticker books and I have wanted one of those for a few months now, hoping that she would sell them after selling a sticker storing album recently. I was right for holding out, because she did sell them! I am excited for the new year and where my stickering/planning will go from here. I also just got new piercings and they ache. lol. I think that is the last time that I get more than 1 at a time. I hope the new year is treating everyone well. I know this is really late, but 2020 was a busy confusing year for most of us.

I got the same design for my sticker album. I like the pink marble style. I will be using this for when I have a few stickers left on a page. I can peel off the leftover stickers and add them to my book. It is a great way to keep and use up any leftover stickers.

I also got some freebies with my order. This free sample is really cute. I cannot wait to use it for my Christmas spread.

I think these flat lays are cute, but they aren’t my thing.

I love foil and these are cute, even though they are not functional.

I love these practical script stickers.

More samples that are practical and cute.

The last freebie sample and it is pretty.

I needed some cleaning stickers for when there is a big stack of dishes to wash, vacuuming to be done (Using done by Martin), laundry, light cleaning, folding, and mopping (Martin swiffers). I just wanted a few stickers as these activities can take up a huge chunk of my time/day.

These Chores Girls are adorable. I wanted more stickers for the things that I do around the house. These should last for a while as some of these things are not done every week or are rarely done by me and is Martin’s responsibility.

I wanted to increase my activity level with consistent exercise. I am at 30 minutes every other day. I am hoping to build it up to 45 min every other day. I have already lost 5lbs during the holiday season by doing 30 min every other day for a month. These stickers will help me to reach my goals and I plan on getting more exercise/fitness related stickers once I’m down to my last sheet (not necessarily this sheet as I have a fuckton of fitness stickers right now).

I am involved in an every other Sunday game night that runs from 7:30 to 11:30 at night. That is 4 hours out of my night. I wanted good stickers to represent that game night. I like that these are large and takes up half on my EC vertical boxes, because the event is 4 hours long. I would buy bigger stickers if they made them as it would better fill the whole box.

I didn’t really get to use any of these stickers, because we were quarantined that last two weeks leading up to Christmas. We didn’t get a chance to buy our tree or do much of any of this. I am hoping to use up all the rest of these stickers next Christmas.

I currently have this sticker pasted onto my January notes page before the month. I want to keep track of all the movies that we watch in 2021. This way, it can also be far as I can keep track of who picked one and who gets the next choice. If anyone of us mentions wanting to watch a movie, I can also write it here, so we don’t forget what we want to watch.

I love the Feb monthly kit! I have already stickered in the base calendar with the holidays and the pay days. There is actually a box missing to cover up the 30th day from Jan. I love the bright color scheme and how happy it looks.

I love the bright icons a ton! I do have 2 sick days that I can use in Feb and I think I would have earned 1 or 2 PTO days by then as well. I plan on taking V-Day off if we are in person. I also plan on catching up on all of Dean’s and I’s doctor appointments/dentists/others. 2021 is going to be a catch up year for sure.

I love these whole kit. I am glad the numbers are black a the rest of the kit is super colorful. They would have been lost on the spread if they were colorful as well.

I love the decorate sidebar, but I am moving to the checklist for school moving forward. I didn’t have a kit for Jan and my whole month of school assignments fit in the side bar. I will be selecting the sidebar up through August. After August, I will be graduated and hopefully on a Daily Duo by then. I would be back to the decorative side bar by that time.

With Love,


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