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1K Declutter: December

Finally, I am getting around to this post. I did torque up my knee, so I’ve been recovering as well as being lazy putting things off. lol. My full HUGE bag for January prompted me to finish my December posts. There will be quite a few going up this week ideally to catch up on some of my content. I tend to blog in spurts, but I am hoping to develop a consistent schedule once I am done with college and have that degree at the end of August. Until then, get used to hearing from me sporadically with a week or two of heavily content and then a few weeks of light to none. I am excited to see how much stuff I was able to use up/declutter for the year of 2020.


I used up a box of hair dye. My hair is more on the magenta side than red. I bought another box and will do my hair again. It does rinse out for the most part. I am on the hunt for a true wine red.


I used a hair tie, deodorant, and a sample of vitamins.


I used up a marker and 5 rolls of washi tape that I used on Christmas gifts.


40 sheets/stickers. It was a lot to go through in a month, but a whole bunch was gift labels.


I gave my stepdaughter my unicorn keepsake box. My mother gave me a nice wooden one hand made from Poland. I don’t need more than one keepsake box and Jenna loves unicorns as much as I do. I’m ready to let go of it.


I gave my daughter this plan page holder for drawing.


I gave these labels to my grandmother-in-law.


I gave everything seen above to Jenna.


Two bottles of hand sanitizer: one from my purse and one from the homestead.


A mini mascara and mini powder. I was happy to use up two makeup items!


A cleansing face polish and three masks. It was a month of skincare for sure.


5 clothing items decluttered.

367/1,000 isn’t bad for my first year and I am planning to continue it in 2021 (this year) as well. I beat my personal goal of 250, but did not quite reach the halfway mark. I am still really proud of what I was able to accomplish in 2020.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “1K Declutter: December”

    1. Thank you! I am hoping to get to 1K this year, but we shall see. We live in 900 square feet, so there isn’t a whole lot to declutter. I am still going room to room, closet to closet to try to find more stuff we don’t use as we use up all the stuff that we have.

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