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2021 Project Pan: February

At the end of February, I had managed to use up 1 item from my project pan. It is a sample size setting spray that had quite a few uses in it. I am very proud of myself to have completed 2/21 items so far this year. Makeup is a hard item for me to use up and hit pan on. I am making a conscious effort this year to reduce how much makeup I own and to use up what I have. Usually, I buy makeup for myself on my birthday. I might still do one or two items. My skincare collection has dwindled, so I think I will pick up items that I need or are almost out of over makeup items this year. I might have the will power to accomplish this. Plus, I am currently moving and will be completely moved by the end of April. I’ll be in a new place on my birthday month and leaving this current apartment is such a relief.

Below is what I originally picked to work on:

I feel like I am picking up progress in a few items. I think I might manage to use up 5 items by the end of March. If I do, I’ll be able to rotate in some Spring items to work on. I am thinking about adding an eye shadow into the project pan. We shall see. I don’t see a lot of usage of face products this year, because of the mask mandate. I did put in a cheek gel and some foundations, but it might be hard going for these items. I have been pairing a primer with a BB cream on days that I do not wear masks on Fridays to Sundays. I will sometimes also do it the days that I go to work with a mask on. I want to switch to concentrating on eye makeup during those days and less on complexion products, not including powder.

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