2021 Project Pan: July

7/21 used up so far this year including the items below. I have a feeling that I won’t meet my goal this year, but if I can meet my goal halfway, I will be really happy. I have been doing a good job this year. I decluttered my makeup, but didn’t count it. I don’t always count the items that I get rid off in a destash. I feel like I am going to use up 3 makeup products by the end of the summer. I have a cheek gel, a primer, and a sunscreen on their last legs. I also have been wearing makeup more since the start of our break.

I destashed a lot that was in the beginning of my project. There is no rhyme or reason to the products I am using now. I think I am happier this way with less structure of the things I can use and what I am working on. I just use makeup that I want to use versus what I should be using ’cause it’s in a project. The less stress in my life right now, the better. I hardly ever use lip products, because of the mask wearing. I have a liquid eye shadow on its last legs that I am excited to use up. I have been enjoying using my mascara and eye liner again. I am considering getting eye liner tattooed, because I suck at doing a cat wing. At my local shop that I trust that has done all of my piercings, it is $300 to get the top and bottom done. Might be a little extra for the cat wing, but I think that would be dope. I am not making any permeant decisions during this time as my emotional state is still shaky, but getting more solid every day.

With Love,

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