IPSY Glam Bag Plus: August

Before I begin into it, there won’t be another Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I have already cancelled and moved to Boxycharm, which has more name brands and less Indy products. I am more interested in getting luxury brands than discovering affordable ones. I already buy affordable and indulge in luxury when I can afford it. For only $25 + tax, getting some high end products in a box seems like such a steal. Plus, Ipsy is raising their prices in October. This bag will now be $28 + tax. For what came in it, I don’t think it was worth it to me. I also share this with my “fiance”.

(We are dating. We are not in a relationship or boyfriend/girlfriend status. We are also not engaged. I established this when we got back together that I am free to explore relationships with other people. He does not want to update his status from single on Facebook yet, so I called fair for fair as I have been getting messages for dates. I’m not putting my life on hold for someone who hasn’t decided if he wants a long term relationship with me. I also stated we will only be boyfriend/girlfriend status if he updates his Facebook connected to mine, but we will only be engaged if he asks me as I proposed to him on Valentine’s Day in 2020. A long overdue update on my relationship status. We are living together again and he goes off to see if daughter every other weekend at her house. Her mother has temporarily suspended me seeing her, because of our relationship being unsteady. I miss and love her dearly.)

Pretty sure I gave my “fiancé” this bag or maybe I threw it out. IDK.

This is nice to have. We currently share it in our shower to wash our face. Nothing to write home about or purchase. I found it too light as I like a rougher exfoliate. This one was really gentle. $41

We share this in our evening skin care basket. I love an overnight lip mask and this one is very good. We didn’t have one in our routine, so it was great to get one. $19

This is a felt tip eye liner that we both will be sharing. My “fiance” recently discovered he is bisexual. I’ve had my suspicions since we got together, but sexuality is something one has to discover on their own. I used to identify as bisexual, but I now refer to myself as heteroflexible. It is possible to get a thin precise line, but you do have to do a second layer to build it up to be black. At first application/layer, it is a bit gray looking. $20

This is a nice clear brow gel that we will use. I have unruly brows, so this is perfect for me on natural days. It is also great for when I actually do my brows with a micropencil to “set” them as well. $14

I gave this to my “fiancé” as the blushers are too dark for me and the highlighters are not unique to my collection. I like that this can fit a variety of skin tones though. $60

The total value of my box is $154 and it is over the $120 price tag that it is advertised as a minimum. There is definitely a lot of value for the $25 that I paid for. Nothing about this box “wow”ed me though. I am hoping that Boxycharm will be a better fit for us.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “IPSY Glam Bag Plus: August”

    1. It is, but I am focusing on myself. With or without him, I’ll be happy. The negative thought cycle has stopped. I am learning my boundaries and things about myself everyday. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and I know that I’ll be okay. I’d love to spend my life with him, but I also know what I will and will not tolerate in any of my relationships moving forward.

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