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Marshall’s Haul

My SO and I went to Marshall’s, because I was having a crappy day and needed some retail therapy. I finally was able to find a purse that I liked at a size and price that was reasonable for me. It was a nice shopping experience with him. He didn’t rush me and was just as interested in looking at everything as I was. He was trying to help me find flats and was checking other rows for me. It really made the trip enjoyable and he even picked out a perfume for himself that we liked! There were no makeup finds this time around, but as you will soon see, I did a major Sephora haul.

I picked this up, so my SO and I could do pedicures and do gel manicures. There is 2 pairs in a pack, so the ultimate couple’s spa night.

My SO has been breaking out lately and I get the occasional pimple. I saw these for like $3, so it was well worth it.

We needed more facial/makeup wipes as we only have one open pack.

I needed some cute bins for our morning and evening skincare routine. The bigger bucket holds all occasional use products such as sunscreen, sheet masks, and hair care products.

I only had a few lip masks left, so these were cheap enough to justify the purchase.

I love this purse! It is so beautiful! It has enough space to hold my wallet, keys, phone, mask, and my work badge with room for a few more things. It is the perfect amount of space for someone like me, who really needed to downsize. It feels like a Polly Pocket purse and I like that it is secured with the buckle.

With Love,

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