Project Pan 2021: August

Very light on the use up this month or very heavy depending how you look at it. Our current count for our use up is 7/21. With everything down below, we have raised that number to 11/21. I am not sure we will be able to empty up 10 more makeup related items in the 4 months that we have left, but I am gonna try my hardest! I would have to use up about 2 to 3 items a month to achieve that goal. I finished up a setting/primer spray, a primer, a makeup brush, and a perfume sample. I have a few items on their last legs: a powder, a primer, liquid blush, and a setting spray. We shall see if I get 4 empties in September or a bit less. I am thinking the powder, primer, and blush should be used up by then, but I have been wrong before.

I am happy to have gotten these items out of the way and now have more room in my collection. I am really working on so many categories of products that I am trying to use up. I think my 2022 project pan will focus on more than just makeup since the number is getting up there and most of my stuff now are new or full size and just opened. I do have a few trial sized foundations that I need to try to see if they are the right color for me. I might do that this month, so I might be decluttering some ill fitting foundations.

With Love,

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