Boxycharm: August

This was our first Boxycharm and we are waiting for our October box. We absolutely fell in love with this box! We can see ourselves keeping this box for the long haul. We might subscribe to get the large box quarterly, but we shall see.

I love that a card with the prices are included on them.

Clean Slate Clearing Mist – 3.4 fl oz for $38

We love this skin clearing spray. We use it as a toner after washing our face. It doesn’t really smell like anything. It also isn’t cooling on the skin with the eucalyptus oil. We will use it up, but I don’t think it is a necessary step in our skincare routine. I could see us going back and forth between using a traditional toner and a spray if our skin ever got to be on the drier side.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer, 1.7 fl oz for $70

We love that this smells the same as the exfoliting product and has the same interesting matcha green coloring as well. We use this as a daytime moisturizer and it is very nice. Our skin does feel and look smoother with consistent use.

#Give Them Lala Beauty The Grown Woman Palette – $42

I thought a bunch of these colors look the same on the eye as each other. They are very chalky and you have to really build up for real, rich pigmentation. I gave it to my SO to play around with and see if he likes the palette. My first impressions were very blah.

Iconic London Ultimate Bronzing Powder, 0.59 oz for $35

This is a good bronzer on my skin tone and it blends out seamlessly. Ours is in medium and the verdict is still out if it will work on my SO’s skin tone as he is hella fair. it is smooth. It is buttery. It is the 2nd? powder bronzer that I own that I enjoy. I have one that I am currently working on panning as it is orangey on me. I also have one or two cream bronzers as well. Love it. ❤

Jecca Blac Play Pots in Gold Touch, 10 ml for $22.80

I love the dewy glow this gives my cheeks. This is a keeper for sure. You definitely have to put down some setting spray though as it does have a tendency to move without it on.

This month’s box was worth $207.80. This is a great value for a box that I paid $25 and taxes for. We are going to be using every item. We might declutter the palette to our daughter as play makeup, but most of it will go to good use. I also love getting full sized prestige makeup/skin care items.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Boxycharm: August”

  1. I have two Jecca Blac products which I got in boxycharm and initially wrote off, but turned out I really liked them after giving them a try. One is a moisturizing primer and the other a pot of cream blush. Both are genuinely nice products! I canceled my boxycharm this month only because I just feel overwhelmed with my makeup stash but I do really enjoy boxycharm. It was fun to see what you got!

    1. I buy boxycharm for both of us. I don’t see ever upgrading it right now as it gives enough stuff as it is. At the recent rate that I am using products up, I see us cancelling after a year maybe. He has a very small makeup collection though and we both use my skincare. We may just switch to not wanting makeup in our box and only putting skincare and see what we get. That highlighter pot though is so underrated. I also put it on my lips under a gold metallic lip gloss and it prolonged the wear. Very impressed.

    1. I am really hoping to make a dent in my bronzers next year! I have like 3 or 4, I believe. I love that I am actually starting to use up more makeup. I think it has everything to do with my mood and how positive my life has been going. Makeup makes me happy, but I can’t be sad and have the energy to wear it. Seeing items go in my bin and seeing those empties….I know I’ve been happier as the year has gone on.

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