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This inventory count has been a long time coming. I don’t plan on doing another one until Fall again. Once a year is a good frequency, I think. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments section. I will be doing this by category. Since I have completed this inventory, I have had more things enter and leave my collection. This includes these new additions and subtractions as well. This is updated as of October 2nd 2021. Lets get to it!

Bar Soap = 2

I plan on using these both up as hand soap. I dislike bar soap.

Eye Masks = 9 – 2 since used up = 7

We love to use eye masks while gaming, so I don’t see these lasting too long.

Lip Masks = 4 + 1 + 6 = 11

These are super fun to use. We occasionally use the lip masks. We keep them more for the day before a special occasion like a party or social event. The tub overnight lip mask we use every night as part of our skin care routine.

Face Masks = 16 + 1 – 1 since used up = 16

We love our face masks! We usually do one once to twice a week depending on what our skin needs. We are avid mask collectors, but we also use them up too.

Bronzers: 3 (1 in a palette) + 1 = 4

I love a good bronzer. I have colors good for all seasons. I spend a lot of time outdoors, so my face is fairly tan all year long.

Eyeshadows: 18 + 2 = 20

I am very choosy about eye shadows that I own, which is why I don’t have too many. I don’t gravitate towards many palettes. I do want to add a few more to my collection though.

Face Palette: 1 – Contains 1 Face Powder, 2 Blushes, 1 Bronzer, & 1 Highlighter (Items counts contained in each category)

I need more face palettes for sure. This one has seen a ton of love and I still haven’t hit pan on any shades in here yet.

Blushes: 3 + 1 = 4

I am SOOOOO close to finishing that cream blush. I won’t go out and buy anymore blushes. I’m not a huge blush person.

Face Powders: 3

Once my Urban Decay is used up, I will purchase another one. I love this face powder. It adds a touch of color and keeps me matte all day.

Highlighters: 4 + 1 + 4 = 9

I am a sucker for highlighters, especially cream products. I really love a bare face and this adds the best touch of glow for those natural days.

Foundations/Tints: 5 + 1 + 1 – 2 since used up = 5

I enjoy using foundation. I might be decluttering the Too Faced, because I think it is WAY too light for me. I think it is going to the SO as a better match. I would pick this up in a darker shade though. Not going out and buying any foundation though. I need to use up the 4 I’ll have if I decide to declutter before buying more.

Primers: 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 6

Can you tell that I love primers? They all do different things for the most part. I only have one moisturizing and one mattifying/pore filling at a time. I expect to be using up one within the next couple of months.

Sunscreens: 4 + 1 (not pictured Coppertone Water Babies Spray Sunscreen for the Bean) = 5

I use sunscreen on my tattoo every time I go outside, even with sleeves (I have a tendency of pushing them up). The little one is almost used up and so is the 2nd one pictured. I don’t care for the Coola, so I will probably work on that one after these two.

Hair Glitters: 2

I use these for special occasions. If I like another product like this, I would add to my collection. I’m selective with these as well.

Setting Sprays: 3

I use setting sprays every time that I wear makeup. I use the HUDA for full face and the Coola for more bare days.

Contour: 1

Not big into contouring. Still playing with this shade. I may declutter it.

Brow Products: 1 +1 = 2

I have a brow pencil and a tinted brow gel. I don’t see myself needing any more than that.

Lip Sticks: 5 + 1 = 6

I love lipstick, but since the pandemic I hardly wear it. I cut down my collection due to lippies going bad. I would add more if the mask mandate lifts.

Eyeliner: 2 + 1 + 1 = 4

I love eye liner in my water line and for tight lining. I haven’t gotten a handle on liquid yet or the elusive cat wing.

Lip Gloss: 2

I don’t really need more than 1 gloss at a time, but I have a nice bronzy one too.

Chapstick: 2

One is a lip scrub combo.

Nail Polish: 2

Might add more.

Perfume: 19 – 3 (decluttered) – 12 (decluttered) = 4

Good on perfume for now unless I can find the DKNY apple perfumes that I love.

Boob Cream: 1

A novelty item that I use if I’m showing some skin like in a bathing suit.

Serum: 4 + 1 + 1 – 1 used up since = 5

I am addicted to serums. They are in both my morning and night time skin care routines. I NEED the Unicorn Essence one, but I cannot justify it at the moment.

Beach Spray: 1

This one has a lot of hold. I need to wash my hair after using this.

Heat Protectant: 5 – 1 used up since = 4

I use the detangler heat protects when I brush my hair out. The others, I layer on top when I actually heat style my hair.

Mascara: 1

Really only need one open and only one backup.

Toner: 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 (includes pic of 1 counted cleaner)

I only use toners in the evening as it is too harsh on my skin during the day or to do it twice a day.

Face Cleanser: 2 + 1 + 1 = 4

I use them depending on if I am wearing makeup or if I am treating acne breakouts.

Face Wipes: 1 + 1 – 1 used up since = 1

I don’t wash my face in the morning, so these are essential.

Facial Oil: 1

I am not into facial oils anymore, so this one is slow going.

Hand Lotion/Cream: 3

I use hand lotions more in the colder weather and I just started using them again.

Hand Sanitizer: 1

Pandemic essential.

Candles: 3 – 1 used up since = 2

Love candles. Always need more.

Eye Cream: 2

We could use a day and night eye cream as these will not last us long.

Face Cream/Moisturizer: 2 + 1 – 1 used up since = 2

We have a daytime and night time moisturizer by Kate Somerville. Both of them came in different subscription boxes. I would never shell out the 60 to 70 dollar price tag.

Body Lotion/Oil: 12

I mainly use body lotions and stuff in the colder weather. I am sure these will start showing up in my empties soon.

Shampoo & Conditioner: 10 (5 & 5 respectfully)

Since going blonde, I have added a few blonde geared products to my collection. Now, to whittle it down, because it is an INSANE amount. lol.

Body Spray: 1

I tend to use it more as a summer “lotion”.

Body Scrub: 4 (1 pictured in body wash category)

I use body scrub once a week to keep my skin smooth. I scrub my feet every time I bath as it tends to get REALLY itchy every time they get wet. Scrubbing them before hand makes them itch less. I still have to put anti-itch cream on them or I go insane.

Foot Mask: 1

Almost used up.

Foot Soak: 1

Almost used up. We use exfoliating socks or “feet sheet masks” for our pedicures now.

Body Wash: 2

Probably won’t need more anytime soon.

Hair Oil: 3 – 1 used up since = 2

I might need to purchase more soon. I use hair oil once a week to moisturize my hair.

Hair Mousse: 4 – 1 used up since = 3

I use mousse to fix down flyways when I want a sleek look. It doesn’t really do much to boost volume for me in its traditional use.

Hair Styling Cream: 3

I use these to smooth down my hair too, but I tend to use it when I want my hair down as it keep my hair touchable and soft.

Hair Mask: 2

I use hair masks once to twice a month. It’s a process for me that I tend to be lazy with.

Dry Shampoo: 5 – 2 used up since = 3

Love dry shampoo as I only wash my hair about twice a week.

Nair: 1

Shave Cream: 1 + 1 (Not pictured) = 2

Sometimes I shave, sometimes I don’t.

Leave-In Conditioner: 2 – 1 = 1

I use this every time I wash my hair to boost moisture and hair health.

Acne Products: 2

A must have for our breakouts.

I know I own a lot of products, but I don’t see it as a lot. I do want to cut down some areas, but I know that I will get it done. I love having loads of options to choose from.

With Love,


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