Sephora Haul

This haul post has been a long time coming. I purchased this stuff back in August to celebrate finishing my BS degree. I wanted to focus on getting BECCA and MARC JACOBS products as they were being discontinued. I did sit on my cart for a bit, so I didn’t get everything that I wanted. I am checking out my local Marshalls though to see if any of that stuff is also there to purchase. I know that I don’t NEED more makeup with our BoxyCharm subscription box, but I have been using up more makeup recently. Once I got past the mental block of using loved stuff up, I have been able to use and enjoy my products knowing that I can always afford to repurchase them when I use them up. It may not happen immediately (I only buy when on sale for my luxury products), but it can and will happen if I chose.

These are the Sephora Collection acne drops. I received a returned empty product. Sephora sent out another one, no questions asked. I hate that they got scammed for a bottle, but I also feel like a returned product should be double checked before being mailed out to a customer. I have been purchasing from Sephora since 2015, I believe. I’ve never experienced this before.

I bought this set of liquid highlighter minis and the primer. I have the full size of the lightest shade I believe. I love the formula so much that I bought this set on sale (all of these items were on sale). I plan on hitting these minis hard and enjoy the full size. The darkest shade I have been using on my body to give it a bronzy glow. I really enjoy it that way as I find it a tad too dark for my face.

I am so happy about this find and it is still on sale on Sephora’s website right now. I haven’t tried it yet, but I figure it will be nice on no makeup days to help keep the oils at bay and during the summer as well if it lasts that long.

This is a nice foaming cleanser for when our skin is acting up.

I haven’t tried this primer yet, but I wanted to try out some BECCA products before it was too light to buy anything at all. I did have a few products before, but I had donated them to a friend who was going through a hard time. I had only swatched those products and hadn’t actually used them yet.

This is great for those days were we get breakouts. The next day, everything is significantly reduced and calmed down. Unfortunately, this line was discontinued at Sephora, but I was able to snag the whole suit of products.

Gift with purchase: I used this up and it was a nice day time serum.

Sample: We hated this. It was too lotiony and took a long time to rub into our skin.

Sample: I enjoyed using this sample and it definitely cleared up my skin overnight.

We love these toner pads when our skin is breaking out. They aren’t too rough, but you can tell that you are getting your skin super clean. Niacinamide has always worked well on my skin in regards to my hormonal cystic acne.

This is the zero pigment foundation. It does not change color. It perfects skin for no makeup makeup days. I haven’t tried it yet, but I like lazy makeup routines 50% of the time. I am sure that I will try it soon.

I love these gel pencils, so I knew that I needed another one while I still could. This is in Orange Crush and I love the bright sparkly orange.

This is a foundation and concealer duo that is the right shade for me. It has a doe foot applicator that I enjoy, even if it is not as sanitary as a pump. The amount of product suggests to use it as a concealer, but I don’t usually do full coverage. I don’t see using this as an allover foundation too often.

I wanted a shade lighter to be a brightening concealer, but I know that this will match me in the winter when I am less tan. I am happy with all of my purchases and I plan on trying everything out soon.

With Love,

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