Project Pan 2021: September

Last month, I had used up 11/21 makeup items and I am trying to use up 21 products this year. Next year, I plan on doing a rotating project 10 pan, not just exclusively makeup, and no set number of products that I want to use up besides the number 10, obviously. This past month I was able to use up 4 products bringing the total to 15/21. This leaves 6 more products to be used up by the end of the year, which means that ideally I want to use up 2 products a month.

I was ale to use up these two eye liners as markers. They smeared off the lids easily and had ZERO staying power on my eyes. The two foundations are sample sizes that I used up over the summer. I wouldn’t purchase either one. The IT is TOO moisturizing on my oily skin and the Tarte was very light coverage. I have other products that I like better for lighter coverage. The Tarte one in and of itself was nice, but not for oily skin girls like myself. It is a water based foundation that ended up breaking down on me around noon time. I am hopeful to finish off 2 products this month. I have a perfume sample almost gone as well as a primer and blush on its way out.

With Love,


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