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Boxycharm: September

We absolutely loved this box so much! This was the first one that we were able to pick an item from. There were two choices of items for the September box, but the October box we had three choices of item. There is usually a skincare item and a makeup item to choose from. We are really enjoying BoxyCharm and it is the only subscription box that I really recommend. We have had 3 boxes so far and have loved everyone of them. I even like this one better than FITFABFUN.

GlamGlow YouthMud Glow Stimulating Mask, 1.7 oz for $60

We love the results of this mask. When it starts to dry, it does burn our skin kinda like a sunburn. Our skin looks fine and not red at all after rinsing. We leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. We estimate that this pot probably has 12 uses in it (6 for each of us) based on how much we have used on the first use. We will enjoy using this mask, but it won’t be one that we would purchase. Also, this was our choice product.

Pink Rose Cosmetics Multi-Use Sticks, 2 for $20 ($10 each)

These sticks are no bad quality at all, especially set with powder on my oily lids. There is a nice shadow base in Hip Hop. Jazz is a nice bronzy color that is great for a one shade eye look and as a base underneath a metallic gold lip gloss that I own. I have used up sticks before and I do enjoy the quick easy format of them. I find them less intimidatingly than traditional eye shadow.

Half Caked In Bloom + Brush Set, 3.8 g for $22

This blush is very subtle and I am not sure how I feel about the brush yet. The blush is VERY powdery and kicks up a lot of product. I will probably put it in my project pan next year. I have been putting it on as a base for my liquid blush. The brush might get given to my SO as I don’t think it does a very good job of distributing the blush or sticking to the brush. I will try this brush with another pressed blush to see if its just the blush.

RealHer No Filter Moisturizing Lipstick, 3.5g for $18

For me, this is a my lips but better color. I toss it on all the time around the house. It is comfortable and I have already made a dent in it in a month. It has as much use as my MAC lipstick that I bought last year from the Aladdin collection. It is very comfortable and fades quite naturally but that could just be the color.

Georgette Klinger Marula Primer, 1.7 oz for $32

I haven’t even open up this one yet. I just gave it to my SO, because he just has one primer which is the ELF pore filling putty. I thought he was missing a lighter, blurring primer that would be hydrating on the skin, especially entering the winter months. I am starting a new series of my SO trying makeup and skin care items. He’ll be reviewing them on my blog and I am so excited to be bringing a male perspective into my blog.

The total value of the box came to $152, which is 5X the amount that I paid at $25. I did decide to declutter the blush and brush and give it to my SO. Looking at the swatches, it really blended into my skin tone, even with building it up. My SO is porcelain, so I image he can pull this off better than I can. If not, our daughter will come into some makeup to play with. Also, I have gotten a few questions on my eye color recently. My eyes are grey. Depending on the lighting, they can appear lighter or darker. They are a natural light gray with a dark grey outer rim. They are no “Halloween” light, but a natural light colored grey. They will also look more green or blue depending upon my surroundings and what I am wearing.

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