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Marshall’s Haul

I hit Marshalls with my boyfriend to help him pick out a secure makeup case. He found a discrete black one that he liked with locks under the buckle snaps that keep the case closed. It is very much a makeup artist’s makeup carrying case. It cost him $40, but went for $120. He got a steal there. I picked up one unnecessary item for myself and forgot an essential item (more makeup wipes!). However, I will be going back next week as I need a pair of boots, so I will pick that up while I am there.

I paid $10 for more dry shampoo, since my boyfriend has been sharing mine. He loves dry shampoo. Our favorite is the Amika Perk Up dry shampoo. We have been going through all of my trial sized cans, because of the interviews we have been going to lately to look extra nice for.

This was $5. I have been having a dry scalp. I will use this before I shower and in the shower. I have noticed a difference and it feels nice.

This is my unnecessary purchase. I have been buying BECCA and MARC JACOBS makeup products every time I see something that I want, since they went out of business. The container on the Hydra-Mist powder though is deceptive as it is only half full. I paid $12 for this and feel a little disappointed. I tried a small sample of this and remember loving it though. I now have three powders, but one is almost finished and has major pan. I have 2 loose powders (1 too many), so when my pressed one is used up, I will be repurchasing it.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Marshall’s Haul”

    1. There is so little product in there for the price and overrated. It is “cooling” for maybe the first few days opened, but then that gimmick is gone and its just a loose powder. I need to just stick with what I like. lol.

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