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1K Declutter: September

Back for another update on my declutter series. I am REALLY hoping to hit 1K this year! I might continue the series next year if we end up moving. Otherwise, I plan on pausing this series for 2022, just to give myself a breather from keeping SO MUCH trash. lol. I’ve been really happy and peppy lately getting all of these posts up these last couple of weeks, because I was contacted by a previous employer for a really good paying position that would allow me to use my degree. I am eagarly awaiting more details as it is a newly created position that the kinks are still working themselves out. I’ve never been contacted to be offered a job before. It is a first for me and I actually think maybe things have changed at the place since I left.

10 sheets of stickers

#787 – 797 – I used up some purchased stickers and some that I printed myself.

9 items of lightly used or new clothing and shoes

#798 – 807 – Some clothing items that were outgrown.

3 worn items

#808 – 810 – Holey socks and a pair of beat up sneeks.

6 lifestyle items

#811 – 816 – There is a homemade candle, a cup, some vitamins, and some EC cards that I used.

7 skincare items

#817 – 823 – The samples didn’t have enough uses to see if I liked any of them. I enjoy face wipes and I’m not picky about the brand. I just buy whatever there is at Marshalls. The foot peel worked in about 5 days. It felt REALLY weird, but the results were worth the squishy feet for 90 minutes.

5 haircare items

#824 – 828 – I have 1 too many hair mousses and I am happy to have used one up. I used up a leave in conditioner and I already have another one to use. I used up a detangling spray and I have a new one of those in my collection as well. We used up two mini dry shampoos. The DryBar had like 2 uses in it, while the Amika had more like 5. We prefer the Amika.

4 makeup items!

#829 – 832 – I am so proud to have used up 4 makeup items! The eye liners worked better as markers, while the foundations I did use in the traditional way. They were too dark for me during the winter, so I am happy to have used them up over the summer as I soon will be too light to wear them.

I was able to use up/declutter 45 items this month. Last month was really a hit out of the water and this month was still a heavy month. Looking at my bag right now, October is looking lighter, but we shall see. There are many items that are on their last legs that could decide to empty all in October or November.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “1K Declutter: September”

    1. It really is. I really want to use up the stash that I have. I was doing really well, but with holidays and birthdays my stash has gotten huge again and I’ve been dedicated in using my products instead of hoarding them for “special” occasions. Any day I want to use it is a special occasion. I keep forgetting that I’m an adult and I can buy these things again if I really loved them and miss it in my collection.

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