Recent Purchases

I picked up a few things lately. Nothing huge or anything, but they are items that I am really excited about. I am waiting on 2 job offers to come through within the next few days. My 2nd interview went amazingly well. I’m getting tired of being at home and not working, even though I get a lot of stuff done around the house. They are both hybrid, but one would have me home 4 days a week which I prefer. I need to be able to pick up my son for emergencies in case my boyfriend can’t.

I bought this off of Boxycharm for $9 to try out. We love the regular Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, but this one is a miss for us. It isn’t as effective at removing the oil, but it is better at setting your style in place with some light hold. It isn’t our preference, but we haven’t paired it with a blow dryer though, which is recommended for best results. This gives zero white cast.

I bought an undated Harry Potter planner for next year or for 2023. I haven’t decided yet. I am really hoping my life slows down, so I can utilize this planner soon. I am really excited to use it! I miss the weekly vertical layout and I would love to print out some HP themed sticker kits for the year! It doesn’t have a monthly calendar, so I need to buy a cheap monthly to make this work for me.

I saw this ring on a Facebook add that stated it was free if you paid the shipping and handling fee of $12.99. This is a $12.99 ring in quality, so you get what you paid for. I was charged a small international fee, but this was shipped within the US out of New Jersey. The postage was 53 cents. They made a $12 profit off of “free” rings. Yes, I understand that people mail the packages and pack the items, but they are being paid (if going by the new minimum wage) $15 an hour and probably packing hundreds in a day. The company still makes a huge profit. It is pretty though and I like it. It is a sturdy piece of costume jewelry and better quality than a ring purchased at the same price on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Recent Purchases”

    1. Thank you! I got the job offer that I wanted and everything works out. I had to tell the other job why I declined pursuing with them further. I start the 29th of this month! Thank you for the extra luck!

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