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1K Declutter: October

Another month, another declutter/empties post. It is a race against the clock to reach it to 1K this year. I started this project in 2020 once the pandemic hit. If I reach my goal this year, that means it took 2 years for me to use up or get rid of 1,000 items from my life and my family’s. A few people close to me have come down with Covid, who haven’t had it before. One of them has a heart condition in his 20s. I am really hoping that everyone stays as well as they can and get better soon. We just had a near miss with my boyfriend losing his sense of smell and taste. Luckily, he was negative.

#833 – We used up a mascara that we wouldn’t buy again. It wasn’t bad. It just didn’t impress us.

#834 – 841 – Not that many sticker sheets this time around and I made a promise to myself to use up all of my stickers before buying more. Of course, I am still going to make exceptions. I am not printing anymore kits though. I am taking a break until I cut down my stash. If I need stickers that I run out of or season or special ones, I am letting myself do that, but I need a detox from regular stickering. I also need to make sure I use what I have and they don’t go to waste by losing their stickiness before I can use them.

#842 – 844 – We tried out these jelly lip masks that made us laugh and it was SO HARD to keep them on for 20 minutes watching a try not to laugh challenge on Youtube. I really enjoy getting the Belif eye balm as free samples with orders.

#845 – I’ve reviewed this. You know that we love this. It is the best dry shampoo that we have found and it is our preference. I will only purchase it at a discount though. $20 for 1 can is excessive, but they do sell them as 2 for 1 during the holidays. This brings it down to Batiste prices.

#846 – 848 – We used up the remaining sunscreen from this year and I used up a homemade body scrub.

#849 – 855 – My little boy is now 3 and a half feet tall, so he has outgrown a few more things. We got a 4/5T Halloween costume this year and it was a bit snug. Going to retire it into his memory box. I have already started on my 2nd one and he’s only 6. I want him to have so many memories and mementos when he gets older. I want him to have everything that I wanted and my mother kept nothing of mine.

With Love,

2 thoughts on “1K Declutter: October”

  1. You have done an excellent job! Its not about the numbers – its about getting into the practice of getting rid of things you dont need 🙂

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