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Boxycharm Haul

This is a small haul. I got 3 things during a Boxycharm sale just because. An item not featured here is an eye shadow brush set that I bought for my boyfriend for $9. He didn’t have any of his own and was borrowing the 2 that I own. I didn’t mind, but I also saw the value in him having his own brushes. He lit up, so it was a good decision. So, I got 2 normally expensive items for myself, but they were $9 each and full size. I couldn’t pass these up as they have been on my Sephora wishlist forever.

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist, 1.7 fl oz for $9 (Normally $39)

I saw this and kinda bought it on a whim. I know that I generally love Farsali products. I haven’t found one that I didn’t like yet. The only one that I didn’t see the expense for is the Rose Gold Skin Elixir, because it is basically a night time oil. I have plenty of oils currently, so all set on that. I already have 3 full size setting sprays in various states of usage. I really wanted to try this one, so I thought why not. No clue what makes this rose gold though. lol

Farsali Unicorn Essence, 1 fl oz for $9 (Normally $54)

I have been wanting to buy the full size for a bit. I did get a set of minis last year or the year before and I loved the shit out of them. So glad to have this back in my collection. My daytime serum is so close to empty with maybe a use or two left, so this is going to be cracked open very soon.

Have you purchased anything lately? Are you a fan of Farsali? I am for sure not a fan of the expensive prices and would never buy this full price.

With Love,

2 thoughts on “Boxycharm Haul”

    1. I have combination skin, but I am leaning more on the drier side lately. They have been lovely. The spray leaves a slightly dewy finish that I have been enjoying lately. I haven’t cracked into the unicorn yet. My current daytime serum is almost done. I also have a liquid to powder serum that works great at mattifying if I am more on the oily side. I used this a lot during the summer.

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