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Boxycharm: November 2021

No surprise here that this was another great Boxycharm! The total for this box $135.99, which I feel is a really great value. The theme of this box was Invite Only for their 80% annual sale where you get a free gift when you spend $40 or more through the end of this month. I ended up giving 2 of these item to my boyfriend entirely. I really enjoy receiving these boxes and I do not foresee stopping these any time soon. I am making 2022 the year that I really invest in my appearance. I’ve been trying to do that this year as well, but it is one of my 2022 goals. I will share all of my goals at the end of the year, so you can watch out for that at the end of December. Now, let’s see what we go!

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser, 4 oz for $40

It is very well known that KS is a very expensive brand. I would never buy this full price, but I am so happy to have this in our collection. I currently have the goat milk moisturizer and I love it dearly for a gently night time moisturizer after all of the treatments that I do. This will be a great option for a gentle morning cleanser or a pre-cleanse at night to dissolve makeup before going in with my heavier cleanser.

Earth Harbor Laguna Replenishing Body Serum, 2 oz for $26

My boyfriend tried this first after we showered. Not sure if he likes the actual product or if it was the fact that I applied it to his whole body. *insert cheeky face here* Full price, this bottle does not give you much value for your money. I would estimate that this has about 6 full body uses. It has a very light clean scent that disappears, so you can put scented lotion on after this easily. I applied it on towel dry damp skin as recommended and I found I still needed quite a bit. To stretch the value, you might want to only apply this to dry areas of skin such as the hands, elbows, knees, and feet. We like to be indulgent though, so I don’t mind using this up in 6 usages. I have PLENTY of body lotion to justify using this up quick. I so need to get more consistent with self care and take care of me first instead of leaving myself last. I put so much of myself into everyone and everything. I need to pull back and start investing in myself with that same amount of love and dedication.

Trust Fund Beauty Better Than Therapy Lip Oil, 3ml for $18

Looking at my other lip oil, this has almost half the product for the same retail price. (I got mine on sale for $2.50 and got a matching one for my future stepdaughter). This is one of the items that I gave to my boyfriend. I am half way done with my lip oil, but he doesn’t have one yet. I have a very curated collection and he is just starting. I like to give him products that I already have plenty of and don’t need more of. Plus, we share some eye shadow palettes and things like that. I cannot wait to get our own place next year, whether its a house or another apartment. Another apartment seems more likely because of our gaps in employment and him currently being part time. We will try in 2023 for a house. We plan to get a small apartment, so we can still save for a house. We can always to weekends where we currently reside if we need the extra bedroom.

Ace Beaute Eyeshadow Amplifying Base, 0.51 fl oz for $14.99

I do not have an eyeshadow primer and I gave this to my boyfriend. I just use my concealer for an eye shadow base or skip it all together. I see this as an unnecessary step to be quite honest with you, for me personally. I know some people feel this way about primer, which I NEVER skip. To each their own with zero judgement. We should all feel confident to do our own thing. One of the exciting parts about moving into our own space in the near future is sharing a vanity with all of our things spread out and organized. He will also have the freedom to be his true self and discover who that is.

Violet Voss Violet Sunset Eyeshadow Palette, 10 pans for $37

This is a really pretty eyeshadow palette and I have never owned anything from Violet Voss before. It swatches beautifully, but on the eyes it needs a few passes to be as pigmented as I would like. I think wetting the brush before use would aid in layering it on with the desired opacity. As is, it is still a pretty palette that I will be keeping and sharing with my boyfriend.

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