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Another EC Haul

As you know, I got a new job, so I needed to buy some things for my office and my workspace at home. I decided to make another purchase for other items as well for my home and work office. I am currently setting up a space for my home office on the unused dinning room table. When we move, I’ll have to work out a better space for my home office and I know we will since our current living situation is a bit….let’s just say cluttered. I am working on reorganizing my future mother-in-laws kitchen. Two trash bags later, I have an almost empty cabinet and now, I can relocate any spices or baking goods that are still good into this one where they belong. Now, let’s move on to look at the goodies that I was able to order.

These page markers were a free gift with purchase

I purchased these cute Hello Kitty stickers for my home office. The paper is nice and thick to take notes on. I absolutely love them!

One can never have too many stickers. Right? Right.

My next calendar doesn’t have a monthly view, so I plan on using these mini calendars and stickers on the monthly dashboard pages. I still want a calender with important dates noted and appointments.

I am using this notebook to write procedures and cheat notes for my new job.

Label stickers to mark the steps in a basic skincare routine for the boyfriend.

This has a calendar and list pads. I use the calendar to mark what I am working on when I work from home as my boss does check in with me to see if I need more work or if I am struggling with anything. I use the list pad to jot down notes to them write in my softbound notebook.

Beautiful Hello Kitty stationary for writing cards to friends and loved ones.

I bought myself a gratitude journal. It is the same one that I bought my daughter to keep her close to my heart.

Just a quick little haul for ya’ll. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Another EC Haul”

    1. It felt amazing to get accomplished! I have two more lazy Susan cabinets before I tackle the 2 junk drawers. I love being able to help my boyfriends mom reorganize. She suffers with mental health issues as well as diabetes that makes it hard for her to clean or organize. I just hope she keeps it up after we are gone and have done the heavy lifting for her.

    1. Yassss queen! Especially when working from home. I need office items that inspire me and that are totally removed from the items I have for personal use. I’m trying to keep the distinction between work and personal. Having dedicated items for work is assisting in that for me mentally.

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