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1K Declutter: November

Another month gone, another long over due declutter. The December one will hopefully get posted sooner than November did. It was a good solid month, but I know that I won’t hit my 1K by the end of the year. We are going to keep this series going until we do. The past two months have been a whirlwind of positive change and I have been enjoying every minute of it. But this is long overdo, so let’s get into it.

#856 & 857 – I loved the brightening shampoo for my blonde hair, but I think it gave a brassier tone than I had in my hair over time. The hair oil was really gross and made my hair feel really dry. I would not purchase again.

#858 & 859 – The foundation is going to a friend as it is even too light for my boyfriend to use. I used up the Hourglass stick foundation sample.

#860 – 867 – Clothes that are too small, too big, and no longer any good.

#868 – 874 – Used up sticker sheets.

#875 – 878 – We managed to use up two additional sunscreens. I’ve been putting them on my arms while driving and that’s how they were used up. The glitter sunscreen I did apply to my whole body for the glitter effect. I used up a VS body wash and it was nice. I used up the Moroccan oil body serum and that was heaven. I love the scent!

#879 – 882 – I used up a VS sheet mask and it was like any old sheet mask. I used up two face cream samples. We also used up the Too Faced serum and I absolutely love it! However, we are currently drowning in serum, so I will not buy it right away. It is on the radar though!

#883 – This candle didn’t have the best scent or burn very evenly. I did use it up as I do enjoy candles. This scent just wasn’t my favorite.

Well, only 117 items to go before we get to 1K. Maybe we will hit this goal by Feb or March if we want to be ambitious. lol.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “1K Declutter: November”

  1. Youve done so well! I wish I would have known about the foundation. I loved that and its been discontinued – I would have bought it off you!

    1. I still haven’t given it to my friend yet and she doesn’t know that I plan to. lol. I have the shade Swan. It was used a couple of times, so very much full. I paid $18 for it, because it was on sale. If you are interested, I have Venmo. I wouldn’t take more than $10 for it. I also currently have covid (just got a positive today), so I wouldn’t do this until I have a negative test. I will Lysol and fully sanitize. But I also understand if that makes you no longer interested. I haven’t handled it since I set it aside.

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