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Valentino Voxbox

I received a surprising Voxbox from Influenster. I was mailed the Valentino box and when I opened it, I thought it was mistakenly sent to me. It had a card in the box, but no where stated it was from Influenster. I looked on the app and saw that I had the campaign badge for it. I must have gotten the box, before the notifications went out. I did get the notification via email a couple of days after it came in. Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. I received this for free via Influenster for reviewing and testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I was sent free products in exchange for an honest review.

This box has me feeling so fancy. I have one Dior product that I also got from Influenster and they just make me feel like a fancy person, even if I’m the only one that knows that I’m wearing it. Luxury makeup and skin care give me such a confidence boost. I would never purchase them outright though. The sale would have to be VERY good like the Farsali that I have purchased for $9 full size.

Valentino Twin Liner 02 Black & Rosso, 0.5ml & 0.1g, $40

The black liquid liner is very opaque and there is not much bleeding. It was really easy to use, but I am terrible about using a liquid liner. The red/orange/pink liner is very creamy and glided easily on the lid. It was also good in the waterline.

Valentino Stick With Me Glitter Primer Base, 10ml for $25

It was a nice base. It kept the glitter on my eyes. I really have nothing else to say about it, because I don’t have any experience with glitter primers. I never used one before this even though I wear a lot of glitter. I am going to use it with the other glitters that I have to see if the performance is clear across the board.

Valentino DreamDust Eye Glitter in SkyDust, 3.1g for $32

This eye glitter is so gorgeous! I love it. I love the color. I love everything about it! This is the item I am most excited for. I am so happy to have this in my collection. I won’t say that it will be used up by the end of this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised either. I’ve been wearing this a lot.

Valentino Eye2Cheek Blush in Bright Dream, 3.6 g for $58

This doesn’t look like a blush shade to me. It looks more like a highlight. I am not sure how I feel about it as a blush and it is not pigmented enough for me to wear on my eyes as eye shadow. I know some people like dewy or shinny blush and I think that people who like that would enjoy this. I also think if you want to buy this as a luxury highlighter, this would be a good one as you can build up the pigmentation to a certain degree.

This was a pretty expensive voxbox, so I feel very grateful to have gotten these goodies. I might give the “blush” to a friend, who might have better luck with it.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Valentino Voxbox”

  1. How fun! I’d be most excited about the glitter as well. And a glitter primer is a nice item to add to your collection if you don’t already have one!

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