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2022 Project 10 Pan

Well, I decided on another project pan. This one is not makeup focused, but it is beauty focused. I decided to add lifestyle items, body care, skin are, and hair care items. I decided to go with 10 items. It will not be a rolling project pan, but if I get down to just a couple of items, I might just start a new 10 pan either keeping those items in or taking those items out. I really haven’t decided. I am playing it fast and loose with this one. So, let’s get into the meat of this post and see what we are working with.

The above photo has all of the progress lines clearly visible. This photo is just to show you where I am at with all of these products.

From left to right, I will let you know what every product is, why I chose it, and how long I think it will take me to finish it up. I have a seasonal B&BW candle from Christmas that I have burnt once in Frosted Cranberry. I want to use this one up before the season is up. I think this will take me a month tbh. I burn a lot of candles when I work from home. The second item is a toner spray that I don’t think is necessary in my routine. I like using a toner with a cotton pad instead that helps to remove impurities. It will probably take 3 to 4 months to use this one up.

Next, I have that body serum that I need to be motivated to use up as I love it and I try to hoard it. It probably has a month or two of use left simply because I need to combat my mental mindset of saving it for special occasions. I need the last little bit of motivation to use up the last two products. The room spray is very light and I am into a more fragrant one. The Aveeno face wash is getting old and I usually use it on my brushes. Both will probably take me 2 to 3 months to use up.

Here are the other 5 items of my project pan that doesn’t require markings. I want to use up the Amika Foam Dry Shampoo within 6 months. It is subpar compared to the Perk It Up Dry Shampoo. You really have to saturate your hair with this to see results. I need motivation to use up my BumBum cream, because I have a problem with not wanting to use the things that I love up. It will take probably a month to use up. I am pushing myself to use up more hair care products this year, so I want to finish up this hydrating gel cream when my hair is feeling dry. This should take a month to use up as well. The last two will be done by the end of January for sure as they are one time use products. The nose strip and the hand mask will be simple to use. I have SOOOO many sheet masks, because I don’t take time for myself. This will give me a push to do so.

What are you working on this year? Do you have a tendency to not want to use up your favorite products as well? Leave a comment. 🙂

With Love,

2 thoughts on “2022 Project 10 Pan”

    1. Lmao. I figure if and when I get down to 5 or less, I’ll call it quits and work on a different batch of 10. My collection isn’t huge, but I for sure have a lot of things that I’m afraid of using up as they will be gone out of my collection. Now that I’m covid free, I can really put a lot of effort into using up my best and favorite things. By the end of the year with the help of these projects, I’m hoping that I will be less hesitant to use up the last little bit of bumbum cream. lmao

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