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I have decided to take a bigger dive into the depths of my spirituality. I have always had strong pagan elemental roots. I’ve always felt drawn to the water and the cold of the snow. I strongly align with the element of water, even though I am technically an earth sign. Maybe, it’s because the earth can’t live without water. Whatever it is, I feel a magnetic draw towards water. So naturally, I am drawn towards the terminology of sea witch. Sea witches use various formulations of water and ocean/lake debris in their spells and intention work. I am just a baby witch. I am starting to spread my wings and find my place. I formulate my own beliefs. I do not follow a system or set of rules. I purchased a big order from the Etsy shop Wetch Betch Creations. I find her spell/intention candles 100% authentic filled with correct Reiki energy. Everything I bought was 50% off at the time. I spent a bit under $100 including shipping which was around $9. Continue reading to see what I purchased and my thoughts on every item.

As you can see, my box came a bit damaged. I was able to tighten the fixture a bit, but the box is very delicate. This box is also lightweight wood. It is a great little box for my purposes. It just has character to it. I love the dream catcher sticker on there, but it would have been better cut out without the white background. It is perfectly centered though and that is very appreciated by a nitpicky person like me.

This was a free sample of her Vanilla Incense and it was so light and sweet! We really enjoyed it. I do not see her selling this on Esty or her website, but I think I will message her to ask if she sells these vanilla ones separately. I would love to have more of these!

This is the Shadow Work kit. I took individual pictures as well and I will be stating them in subsequent pictures below. A shadow work kit helps us to work through our traumas and the negativity that continues to hold us down. It helps to purge the still raw feelings in order to be able to heal properly. We must revisit that pain, understand where it’s coming from and why we still hold it, and then we are able to release it and begin the process of healing. So, this kit is supposed to aid you in the process of understanding yourself, your past trauma, and help you grow and transform as a person as you heal.

This is Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks to be burned when writing in my shadow book using my shadow work kit. I haven’t burned these sticks yet, but they do smell lovely. I’ve had incense sticks like these before.

This is a Purge Betch Bath soak for removing negativity from your mind and body after working in your shadow book. It gets rid of negative and toxic energy and residual feelings. This is something that I want to get a big size/full size of as I would be using this a lot. I also don’t think this is enough for how many sessions that I am going to have with my shadow book. I haven’t used this yet, but it smells like lavender and a lot of organic, holistic products that I used during pregnancy.

This is a black candle stick holder. I didn’t have one for a pillar candle and now I do.

I love how cute this green witch pen is! It writes smooth and I love the “broom” tail!

These black chime candles are to be used while writing in the shadow book. Black candles are for protection and burns away negativity. I am excited to get started on my first “spell work”! I am excited to see where my mystical path will lead and these types of kits allow me a way to explore that without investing too much in a type I might not identify with.

This is a little vial of all purpose anointment oil. You can use it on yourself or to dress candles or put in your spells/intention work. It honestly just smells clean and a bit earthy.

The last items in the Shadow Work Kit are these three stones. From left to right, we have rose quartz, smoky quartz, and snowflake obsidian. Rose quartz is for love or self-love. Smoky quartz is for detoxing the mind, body, and soul. Lastly, the snowflake obsidian is calming and soothing. These crystals will add and support you as you complete your shadow work. I am so happy to have these crystals in my collection. I have my collection in storage, so it is nice to see little gems again!

Above pictured is the Mesmerized ~ Mermaid Inspired Sea Witch Kit. I didn’t take pictures, but I also bought a second tea light candle of the sea witch kit. They are too pretty to resist! I am saving the gift box and I absolutely LOVE everything in it.

The beautiful sea witch tealight candle is absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to actually use this in my craft. I plan on using this candle for setting sea witch inspired intentions and water spell work. the candle smells fresh, clean, and sweet. It almost smells a bit like B&BW sweet cucumber or cool cucumber. It is a very pleasant calming smell for me. I plan to use the shells and bits of sea glass when this candle is burnt in future spell work/intention work/candle dressings. I’d love to try to make my own intention candles at some point.

I love this filled little spell bottle. It doesn’t have a spell in it yet. You can utilize it as one or it can be a decorative piece on your alter. I have this as a décor piece for now. It smells like the beach though. I can smell the salty, briny waves and everything.

This is a nice energy spray for when I am feeling witchy. I am using it as a ocean scented perfume, when I am engaged in my craft or before bed. The energy spray contains witch hazel and is meant to embody empowerment and sex appeal not unlike a siren.

This roller ball is a crystal infused essential oil for empowerment and sex appeal. It contains aquamarine crystals and scented with a mix of sea salt, tonka bean and florals such as jasmine, lily of the valley and orchids, in a coconut oil base with plant based glitter and seashells. It smells sweet from the florals and oceanic from the sea salt. It is actually very reminiscent to me of juicy lip glosses in a tube growing up, specifically the jolly rancher flavor.

This tealight candle is called Karma’s a B*tch, but so am I. The candle is made of black soy and is dressed with black obsidian crystals, ritual black salt, protective herbs, and florals. There are no sage or palo dressed on these candles. I know that can be an issue for some people as those items can be used for closed practices, but you can also use it for white magic as well. The candle is unscented. You can use this candle in protection spells, reversals, banishings, and cord cuttings. This candle is again reiki charged by the owner. The candle contains a pin as she does use sharps in protection magic. I love her little slogan “Do no harm, but take no shit!”. I intend to use this in my own cord cutting of sorts and wiping out negative energy towards me from ill-intentioned individuals.

This is a Throat Chakra Soy Intention Candle with an intention quote of “My Voice Matters!”. This candle is my aesthetic, but it was not the reason that I purchased this particular candle. The candle has a clean cotton scent with a blue lace agate crystal and some angelite chips. I purchased this candle to cleanse my throat chakra. I am getting into Reiki magic and I am currently studying it as I feel like this aligns with my magical intentions. The throat chakra is closely tied to the heart chakra and gives that chakra a voice. Cleansing the throat chakra allows us to control our ability to communicate our personal power. When it’s functioning at full capacity, it allows us to express ourselves truly and clearly. Someone with a blocked throat chakra will feel like they have trouble finding the words to say how they truly feel.

I deeply related to that last statement, so I know that I need to work on cleansing my chakras and this will aid in developing better communication skills and word choice. I struggle with word choice and can be hurtful when I don’t intend to be. i know my trauma caused me to not develop proper speech and dialogue with social skills and etiquette. This is something that I am constantly working on. The candle is dressed with blue lace agate crystals, which are calming, bring peace of mind, heals the throat chakra, promotes free expression of thoughts and feelings, neutralizes anger, infection, inflammation and fever. It encourages you to heal your emotions and find balance. The angelite can open the connections to the angels, your higher self and the Universe, enabling you to receive guidance.

The Heart Chakra candle states “I love the person I am”. I think this is a very positive affirmation. The heart chakra that I received is green, but you could have had a pink one with rose quartz. My candle is dressed with green adventurine. It is super pretty and I can appreciate the green hue. It is very reminiscent of sea glass for me with some of the green pieces. The heart chakra is the 4th chakra. It is located in the center of your chest at your sternum. It allows you to live life from your heart and truly feel – which is the fastest way to healing. I am really embracing my healing and I have already come a long way. I’d love an intention candle that will allow me to keep the pace that I am at.

Now, this one is a custom candle that was created for me based on my message to the owner. She really hit the nail on the head with my aesthetic. This is totally me! She embodied me in a candle without even knowing me. There were some personalization to create this candle for me. There were scents to chose from. I chose woody. My message to the seller about what I wanted my candle to be charged with to assist me with was this “Emotion Regulation – I suffer from mental illness that makes anger and resentment easy to come by. I want to curb reacting emotionally and gain control over them.”. I never mentioned favorite colors or flowers or ANYTHING.

My candle came with directions and how my candle came to be. My candle is called Calm, Cool, and Collected. It is a Fraser Fir scented candle and I absolutely love the smell of Christmas trees! The candle is charged to be ultra grounding and makes you feel supported. She charged the candle to help with calming emotions and leveling them out. The candle is dressed with Lepidolite crystals and Howlite crystals, along with natural adornments and eco glitter. Lapidolite is one of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones as it contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication. I cannot wait to start using my personal candle!

It is safe to say that I am really impressed with her shop. I already have another cart loaded for a purchase this month. Her Etsy and website are both having a sale. I have one item on her website cart and 5 in the Etsy cart. I save around an extra $10 by splitting them as the items in her Etsy that I want is 50% off. On her website, the item that I want is not listed in her Etsy shop and I am getting it at 20% off with free shipping. So, I end up paying $20 for a $25 item.

With Love,

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