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Purchased VS Empties Analysis

This is a new series on my blog. I have seen ideas like this floating around Youtube usually in conjunction with a low-buy. I am not doing a no or low buy this year. I am pretty good about my beauty consumption in the first place. I only consistently have Boxycharm coming in and don’t generally buy makeup outright. I think on my birthday is the only day out of the year I purchase makeup splurges.

Every month, I will be stating how much I spent on beauty items (Boxycharm included) and how much money in beauty products I was able to use up/declutter. I will also include how many number of items each. I think this will be really interesting to see and observe over the course of 2022, especially with the project pans that I have going on. I am excited to add this series to my blog and I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you.

Predictions! I predict that I will use up/declutter 100 items this year that are beauty related. I predict that I will spend about 1K on beauty products. I predict that I will use up about equal to what I spent on beauty products this year, so again 1K. I don’t know how accurate any of this will be. It is a good starting off number and I think I might be doing this next year as well to be able to compare years.

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5 thoughts on “Purchased VS Empties Analysis”

    1. Thank you! I am in search of a real one now. I have my cartilage pierced, so I am looking for a real cuff and chain. The rose is a separate earring that I looped through. I want to get a few more piercings in my ears to add dangle chains. Unfortunately my ears react to most jewelry besides surgical steel. Someone told me to coat the piece that goes in with clear nail polish as a protective coating and I’ve been too nervous to try it yet.

      1. Oh yeah ! I would love to get more ear piercings too ! I have my cartilage done but I would like another one too . I don’t really have anything too fancy as it’s just my captive ball hoop . Also t nail polish sounds like an interesting idea . I’ve never tried that before .

    1. I was on the fence about adding it, but the more I think about, it makes sense to add it to the value. I still spent money on them, even if they didn’t work out or went bad before I got the chance to finish it. I will add it! Thanks for helping and the reminder!

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