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BoxyCharm: January 2022

Boxycharm was kind of a miss for me this month. All the products are great and everything, but I would give it a 2/5 for the amount of products that I am actually going to use from this box. However, I am SUPER stoked for those two items. I’m just feeling kind of meh towards Boxycharm, but there is an excitement and convenience factor behind getting the box. I think I might stop at some point this year, probably around when we move. I want to get a tea and candle subscription. Honestly? I can get what I like cheap at our local Marshalls and make an activity out of it. Maybe I’m just growing out of Boxycharm? But it is fun and I do enjoy it.

AVANT Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub, 10 ml $71.00

This is on the oily side for a lip scrub. There is more oil than there is scrub. This will be in our evening and morning skin care basket for both of us to use up. If my boyfriend ends up doing skincare/makeup separately, I told him he is welcome to take this and use it. It will get used, but meh. I have a lip scrub that is scrubbier. Also, this is $71! $71! I just can’t. lol

TOO FACED Hangover Good to Go Moisturizer, 1.4 fl oz $35.00

I am super excited for this moisturizer! I have tried so much from the Hangover line and they have all been super good and moisturizing for my skin. It really helps to balance out my oils. I cannot wait to crack into this during the summer to get the most use out of the included SPF. I never like to have TOO much skincare opened, so this will go into the backstock until I use up a daytime moisturizer. I don’t think it will be too long before this one gets opened if I am being honest. I am getting back into the swing of things, so skincare should be moving along again.

FARMACY Filling Good Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 30 ml $44.00

This is the 2nd serum going straight to my backstock, but I am super excited to use this one! I have heard so much about the Farmacy brand, but I haven’t been able to try that much from them. What I have tried, I have loved, so I am looking forward to opening this when the time comes. I am almost done with a night time serum and I will bring this one in. I might also use it in the morning too to see if it actually plumps up fine lines.

LYS BEAUTY No Limits Matte Bronzer in Light, 0.23 oz $18.00

This is way too dark for our skin and will be donated to a women’s shelter. I am working on building a bag of donations to drop off. It will include any boxycharm items that are unopened. I will include colors that I know aren’t my shade or something that I will use. It will be something my boyfriend also gives a pass on. Any skin care / body care / hair care that we are not excited for or interested in trying out. Once this bag is filled, I will write a post of all the items that are going and why.

DRAGUN BEAUTY Lip Liner & Sharpener in 2.0 cc, 1.4 g $16.00

I really disliked the color of this on me. It has a green hue once I put it on my lips that looks like baby poop. I am putting it aside for my friend to see if she wants to try it, since it is used. It wasn’t a good color on me. The formula is really nice though.

Overall, this box had a value of $184. For me, this box has a value of $79 for the ones that I am really excited about. When I add the lip scrub that we will also use, it brings up the total to $150. That is pretty solid in my book. I think I will keep Boxycharm for now, because I do enjoy shopping the heavily discounted items. We shall see if I will continue it once we move and my budget changes.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “BoxyCharm: January 2022”

  1. This is the back and forth I always have with boxycharm as well. Sometimes I have a great time with it, and sometimes I feel like I am just adding clutter. But then there will be a few great items! It’s such a conundrum.

    1. That’s why I like being able to share with friends and to donate extra product. I know how many backups that I like to have for any particular item. I do agree though. Its a conundrum. The popup sales are really what are keeping me at this point. It turns out though that the $71 lip scrub is actually worth it. I had a sore on my lip and it healed it up overnight almost all the way. It does something really good for dry, dehydrated, irritated lips.

    1. Ooooohhhh! Now, I am really excited to try it! I want to try the Honey Mask too. We tend to go through serums fast, so I am hoping to break into this soon. I like to have a variety (2-3) open based on skin care concerns. I usually have an acne one, a vit C/retinol one, and a moisturizing one.

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