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1K Declutter: Jan ’22 Continued: Year 3

I think May might be the last month before I reach 1K items decluttered. There are only 40 more items left to go. I want to say I’ll be done in March, but I feel like that might be too soon. Not every month will be a good one full of progress. As always, we shall see in the next update how much closer we get to the 1K mark. This project is almost to an end and it feels bittersweet. It has been going on for years, but I’m happy and sad to see the end of it in sight. I’ll definitely need a break from this series for at least a year.

#911 – 933 – I got rid of quite a few clothing items from my son’s closet that were either too small or too worn. The good clothes will be donated to his school. I did a huge donation bag last year and I already have another bag to donate this year. It is amazing how fast they outgrow clothes!

#934 – 936 – My hairbrush got too grody, so I replaced it. We used up a can of dry shampoo and I used up a bottle of detangler from Pureology. I really love the brand, but the scent of this didn’t always sit well with my stomach.

#937 – 939 – I used up the pore strip from a project pan, a serum stick by Olay, and a clay mask stick by Milk. I REALLY didn’t like the Milk product. The mask never stuck on my nose or in the crevices of my face. You couldn’t layer it either. It was just no good.

#940 – 941 – I used up an antiperspirant deodorant and an organic bath bomb from a local apothecary shop. The bath bomb smelled like coconuts and sunscreen. It left my skin feeling moisturized. I would go back for more.

#942 – 955 – I declutterd this moldy thermos and I used up so many stickers. I am doing a scrapbooking project, so I love printing out the pictures into sticker form.

#956 – 960 – The lys bronzer will be donated as it was not used and it is too deep of a shade. The Pink Rose eye shadow stick and the Lip liner are going to my best friend to see if she wants to try them. The contour stick and the chapstick are both used up. It took a long time for both items, so I am super proud of myself. 5 makeup items in a month is REALLY surprising to me. I used up 2, cannot use 1, and don’t love the other 2 and want to let someone else give them a try while they are still really new.

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