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Purchased VS Empties: Jan Update

I am excited for this series this year. My boyfriend and I have a bet going on with how much I use up and spend in a year. The results are going to be very interesting. I decided to structure this post with everything I purchased first in photos and the monetary amount that was spent. Everything that I used up will follow and the cost of what was used up. I will then compare the numbers and give predictions on how the next month will go or comments or whatever I feel that I want to add. This is just for fun and for my own data and I am excited to see what the end of the year will bring.

For a bigger size of the perfume my then fiance got me for my birthday.
It is a 1.7 FL Oz size and it is perfect with a sprayer.

The perfume was $118, which was a splurge and not typical of me. The Batiste was $8.99. the pack of makeup wipes was $4.99. The hair detangler was $5.99. The BECCA powder was $10. The Pretty Vulgar was $7.99. The BECCA primer was $9.99. The brushes were $6.99. The other 5 items are from Boxycharm, which costs me $27.99 a month. The total amount of money that I spent on beauty products in January was $200.98.

In January, I have used up the below products. I managed to use up 10 items and I brought in 13 items, leaving a deficit of 3. So, -3 items in my beauty balance for the month of January. Hopefully, I will turn this number into the positives next month!

The Olay serum was $9.99. The 1 nose strip is being counted as $1. The MILK mask stick was $26. The Batiste dry shampoo was $5.99. The Pureology hair detangler was $29. The Anastasia Contour stick was $25. The Palmer’s lip balm was $2.95. The Pink Rose eye shadow stick in hip hop was $10. The lip liner duo was $16. The bronzer powder was $18. This month, I used up or decluttered a total of $142.93.

This means that I have purchased $200.98 worth of beauty items and I used up $142.93 worth of beauty items. This means that I purchased $58.05 more than what I was able to use up. So far, my beauty total for January of 2022 is $58.05 over budget and my collection is -3 out of it. I think that Feb will put us into the positive numbers as I have used up a few items and I think only my boxycharm is coming into my collection.

$200.98 purchased/$142.93 gone

With Love,

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