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Ohora Gel Nail Strips

I had been meaning to get these gel nail strips for a while now. We finally got around to picking out a few to try out. I am excited, because my nails are super brittle and break quite easily. I started taking prenatal vitamins to help strengthen them, but also, you know, you never know. *wink* I have a really bad habit of picking the skin around my nails when I don’t have anything on them. I’m trying not to self harm by picking at my skin, so I am hoping that these will make my fingers too pretty for me to want to mess them up.

N Dazzling for $14

I love how pretty these ones look. You have enough for 2 different manicures, but I love mixing and matching the different styles together. These have 30 pieces, so the really small ones, we are saving for Jenna. Martin will be able to do a gel manicure with him and I think that would be a fun activity for them to do together. I bought this pair for myself as I thought these would be perfect for Spring.

P Fairy for $11.90

I bought these cute toe nail manicure for the summer when it gets warm and I wanna wear sandals. I also bought them, because my boyfriend has a wide thumb where the toe nail pieces fit perfectly as the other strips he needs to trim sideways and trim to get it right. These are so pretty and purple is my favorite color.

N Goblin Moon for $11.90

I thought these were freakin’ gorgeous! My boyfriend has already claimed the dark purple plain ones as he has been looking for dark purple nails. They will be nice for him to mix in with his black nails as a pop of color on his mani. I will probably wear this mani first as I am the most excited for this one. It is exactly my aesthetic and right up my alley. It has all of my favorite things: moons, glitter, and its purple.

N Onyx for $11.50

I bought this set of black nails for the boyfriend as he is partial to black and it is more socially accepted for a man to wear. I plan on posting a story of our nails once we do them. I am so excited! I heard there is a learning curve, but we are not unfamiliar with polish strips. If anything, these will be much sturdier than the thin ones we are used to.

A couple of free samples.

Long Wood Stick, 50 pieces for $6

Prep Pads, 50 pieces for $6

The Essentials: Top Coat & Remover for $29.90

I bought these essentials so that we would have everything that we needed. I also wanted extras to make Jenna her own kit with our extra too small sizes. I bought the top coat to make our manis last longer, but to also fill in the gap when they start to grow out. It is always nice to have an easy remover as well.

With Love,


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