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Once And For All by Sarah Dessen

My best friend bought this book for me as we both really enjoy Sarah Dessen’s books. We hope that she chooses to write an adult novel as we would be all over that. I am not going to spoil this book for anyone. I do recommend that you read it, but I do have to give a trigger warning as it does go over death, loss, and grief. I really enjoyed this book as I felt emotionally connected to the main character in this book. The other characters were well fleshed out as well and not flat or two-dimensional. I didn’t have any issues reading this book or anything that annoyed me about it. It was a very solid, light read for enjoyment purposes. I enjoy reading a lot of YA novels for fun. I would give this a 5/5 personally as I adore the author and a lot of the books that she has written.

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