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2022 Project Pan: Feb Update

We are back with another update to my project pan. I am trying to use up 22 products in 2022. I have 1/22 products done so far in this project. I am not sure if I’ll hit my goal of 22, so this might be very ambitious of me. I am excited to be working on this project pan. I really love being a part of this community and really focusing in on using up my products. When I do my next inventory update in the middle of the year, I will update my spreadsheet to do a project roulette as I have been watching those and they seem like a whole lot of fun! I really enjoy the randomness of it.

Below are the items that I started this project with.

IGK Foam Mousse – I haven’t used this yet. I’ve been so bad. I’m going to use it on St. Patrick’s day though. I will get some good use then and I’ll use it on my son to go to school in too. i think that would be pretty cool.


End of Feb:

Coola Setting Spray w/SPF – I used up a fair amount in Feb considering it was a short month. I may be done by the March update, but if not, I will be done with this during the month of April for sure. I plan on rotating two setting sprays in to replace this one.


Finished! Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Powder – I finished this up during the month of Feb. I am rolling in a loose powder to take its place. I have realized that I don’t care for loose powder and I much prefer pressed powder for my oily skin. So, I want to use up a loose powder this year. I’ll show you which one towards the end of the post.


End of Feb:

BECCA Glow Letters – I have been pretty consistent with the progress that I have been making with this one. I have used up another letter, so now there is only three on top instead of four. I have been using the blushes in this project a bit more, so I don’t know if I will make the same amount of progress in the month of March.


End of Feb:

Hourglass 2016 Holiday Palette – I can see significant pan in the finishing powder now. I mix the bronzer and the powder and apply all over my face. I use it on days that I work from home, because it is way too shimmery for my taste all over the face. I also mix the two blushes together and I have been using the highlighter. Only the finishing powder showed significant noticeable progress.


End of Feb:

Marc Jacobs Primer – I have made really good progress on this mini primer. I should be done with it by the March update and I plan on rotating another primer in to replace it.

New Item Rolling In:

Ciate London Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder – I have about a third of this powder left. It shouldn’t take me more than 4 or 5 months to use this up as I am also using another pressed powder in this project as well. I usually have to apply two layers of this powder to get my face to where I want it to be. I like a little bit of glow and this is good for that as it is impossible for me to go heavy handed at it and leave my face completely matte. I’ve never gotten a totally matte finish with this powder.

The picture below is the current photo of my project pan.

I have finished 2/22 products in this project pan. I am hoping to use up 2 more products in March, but we shall see. I might add in an extra item in March as I have a gel blush on its last legs that I would love to use up as we head into the warmer months. I also have a glitter eye shadow with a few uses left as well. We will see what I roll in in March based on what I used up and my motivation levels. My project 10 pan will contain no makeup items, so I am tempted to add in a few more things to this project to reach that 22 number as I am not including anything decluttered or used up outside of the project.

With Love,

2 thoughts on “2022 Project Pan: Feb Update”

    1. Thank you! It is made of a polly pocket material silicone plastic. It is a very interesting and sturdy texture. I love it as well! I got it at Marshall’s last summer.

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