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Project 10 Pan: Feb Update

Okay, I am back with the 2nd update on this project pan. I decided that I would also make this a rotating project pan that I will call done once I have finished 10 products. Then, I think I will start a new project. Maybe a project roulette one. I’m itching to do one of those. Anyway, so far we have used up 1/10 items. A few should have been slam dunks, but life happens, you know? My life has really been a whirlwind this year with so much happening, both the good and the bad. I’ve really been enjoying blogging regularly as it gives me a reprieve when things get a bit overwhelming. It’s part of my “me-time” and I couldn’t e more grateful that I have a lifestyle and partner that is conducive for this. Now, let me show and tell you the progress that I was able to make on the shortest month of the year.

The below picture is what we started with in January.

Used up:

I was able to use up the candle, which I am super happy about. I wanted to finish it during the winter season. There was still a lot of wax left, so it didn’t burn down incredibly well. It did burn down even though.


I didn’t make any progress in Feb in the body serum. There was too much change and too much going on to focus on using up my products. Now that I am getting used to the fast pace our life has become, I am in a better position to balance my life in March.

I have been making steady and good progress on both the facial spray and the cleanser. I use the spray every morning and night as my toner. I use the cleanser to wash my makeup brushes. I might be done with both by the next update.

The original start of the project photo:

I already used up the nose strip, but I did also use up the hydrating styling cream. I am on track to finish up the bum bum cream and the hand sheet mask. I have just been putting this stuff off really in the month of Feb. I have a feeling that March will have a lot of empty/used up products.


I am adding three more items to the project. I am hoping to get a nap in one of these days, so I want to use up a pair of full eye sheet masks. I want to use up my last regular candle. I also have been straightening my hair and loving it, so I thought I would add this heat styler to the project in motivation of using it up.

So far, I have used up 3/10 products and I finished 2 of those items up this month. I am proud of myself and happy with the progress that I have been able to make considering the hectic state of my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every moment of it, but it can get a lot sometimes. I am so glad that I have this community to escape from reality for a little while and talk about what I am passionate about.

With Love,


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