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1K Declutter: Feb Update

We are starting off this post with 960 items decluttered or used up out of 1K for a project that has spanned into its third year. This month might see the end of the project. I try not to count my items, so I don’t spoil the surprise for myself. lol. I am so excited to complete this project and go back to doing empty posts where I take one picture and let you know how I liked the products and what I used up that month. I’m actually making it under a different title, because I also want to keep track what items in which categories that I am using up. It will be interesting to see the results of that.


#961 – 965 – Either worn out or too small clothes.


#966 – 968 – I used up a candle in my project pan, doubled sided tape, and 1 sticker.

Hair Care:

#969 – 972 – I found another old hairbrush while cleaning out the bathroom. I used up Hair & Nail gummies, a hair mask, and a hydrating styling cream.

Body Care:

#973 – 978 – The three items that expired were the diaper cream (already have a new tube, this is a must have on hand if you have children or experience thigh chaffing when exercising), the anti-itch lotion, and the antiseptic cleaner for when my son got MRSA and needed to be bathed in this everyday to get rid of the infection on his skin. I used up a deodorant, the steri-wash for my piercings, and a body lotion.

Skin Care:

#979 – 985 – This was the month for using up skincare and opening up some new products. I decluttered the Coola Mineral Sunscreen. I used up the two sunscreens, the two face masks, toner pads, and a packet of face wipes.

#986 – This is featured separately as I decluttered this to my boyfriend’s mom. I just don’t like this facial oil as it is very thick. I think it will really moisturize her mature skin.


#987 – 991 – I used up a face powder, a primer, a lip balm, a BB cream, and a mascara.

Well, I was REALLY close to finishing this project this month. However, I know that March will be the finale post for this series. I have really enjoyed using things up and getting items out of our space. I will continue to do so, but it will be nice to take a break from this series for a while. See you in March’s last post!

With Love,

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