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Purchased VS Empties: Feb Update

I am back with another monthly analysis of how much stuff I bought versus how much I was able to use up in the month of February. I am also introducing a new series that does a further breakdown on my purchases and empties. I’m getting so into the numbers and the breakdowns of it all. I am hoping that I can get a positive beauty balance and monetary numbers this month. I love how I say that I don’t really buy anything and here I am with purchases every month. I think it is because I have a better income now and I have been using more of my items up. I also shop a lot of deals and discounted items at stores, which makes everything more affordable. It makes it all the more enticing to my shop savings brain.


5 items were from Boxycharm, which costs me $27.99 a month. The nail order was a total of $91.20. The recovery balm was $9. The eye liner was $3. The primer was $6. The setting spray was $12. We can say that samples are $1 a piece, so $2. The total spent in February is $151.19, bringing us up to my current yearly total spent as $352.17. Both primers are for my boyfriend, so they are not included in my collection additions count.


I used up or decluttered the following items: Amika hair mask for $3.20, styling cream for $2.40, Becca primer $5, Urban Decay All Nighter powder for $35, chapstick for $3.29, BB cream for $8, mascara for $6.98, body lotion from local shop $20, banana boat sunscreen for $1, Coola sunscreen for $32, beauty 360 mask for $4.79, small sunscreen $1, makeup wipes for $8, Sephora toner pads for $12, Korres mask for $48, and the oil for $120. I have used up or decluttered a total of $310.66 this month.

My purchases for the year total $352.17 and my empties total $453.59 so far. This means that I have used up $43.37 more than what I have brought into my collection. However, I have brought in 4 more products into my collection than what I have managed to use up. I am hoping that I can even a bit more of the balance and use up more than I bring into my collection. I do have a super big purchase planned in May for my birthday, so I really want to focus on using and enjoying my products, so I can buy more things to enjoy with so much hoarding.

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