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NYE Goals: March Check-In

  • Rediscover myself
    • Doing a damn good job at this – buying new clothes that fit the new/old me. I call this goal complete – I will continue to pursue who I really am.
  • Increase my independence/sense of self/individualism
    • I drive myself back and forth to work. I’m not afraid to drive anymore. I have gained back my independence and self sufficiency. I call this goal complete. I’m doing my own thing with confidence instead of uncertainty.
  • Get an apartment
    • I just paid off a loan that I used to get rid of my credit card debt from my step-father/adopted father. I am working on saving for an apartment now. I am still 1 to 2k away from where I want to be to start looking. I want to be able to hire a moving company to move what is in the storage unit and assemble the furniture like the beds. I need to rent a UHAUL to move everything in storage at a relatives place to the new apartment. I’d also like extra money for more furniture or a washer/dryer if it has hookups.
  • Get engaged
    • This goal is complete! He proposed on the Spring Equinox on March 20th.
  • Start wedding planning
    • We are putting off a traditional wedding until his best friend comes back from being enlisted in the service. We are starting to plan the small wedding that we have planned this year though.
  • Take better care of myself:
    • Continue therapy
      • Ditto – can call this complete now. I’m dedicated.
    • Continue seeing a psychiatrist
      • Ditto – can call this complete now. I’m dedicated.
    • Bathe regularly (depression sucks)
      • Still working on this.
    • Get back into a regular day/night skincare routine
      • Still working on a regular night time one.
    • Wear makeup 3x a week at least
      • We can call this complete. I wear makeup all the time now. I have fallen back in love again with different preferences than before.
    • Start exercising regularly
      • Still working on this.
    • Continue eating a healthy diet
      • April 1st, I am going Keto.
  • Take Dean out on more outings
    • This month, he has gone to the park twice and he went with me to see my best friend.
  • Create more family adventures
    • All the Dean outings have been family trips. We even ran into Jenna during one of our park trips.
  • Take more pictures
    • Goal complete. I am forever whipping out my phone to capture memories without missing out on the moment.
  • Reinvest in my blogging schedule
    • I have been really consistent. I won’t mark this as complete until June when I know the habit has been solidified.
  • Pursue a passion (I’m getting 2 Herbology diplomas this year to be a Herbologist!)
    • I have been to 2 classes so far and I am enjoying it a ton.
  • Start Youtube channel
    • Haven’t done anything on that this month.
  • Get a raise/promotion
    • Working on it.
  • Go on vacation
    • Working on it.
  • Always focus on being happy and present
    • I have been consistent in this.
  • Continue to support and love my children
    • I have been there for both of my children to the best of my ability without sacrificing my own self, health, and happiness.
  • Take more time for myself
    • I can mark this off as complete. I make sure every day to get some me time in.
  • Read 12 books
    • I have completed another book bringing me up to 2/12. I am still a book behind, but I have purchased 2 books to read. Hopefully, I can get enough reading done in April, even if I don’t get too far into the 2nd book.

With Love,

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