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1K Declutter: March Update

This is the final post in the series. I am proud to say that I was able to reach my goal of using up / decluttering 1,000 items from my home and from my life. I donated a good portion of items as well, which always feels good. It is sort of a bittersweet post as it is saying good bye to the past two years that I have done this series. It is the beginning of a new time with new, fresher memories. I am excited to show you the final numbers and the items that I used up or decluttered!


#992 – 1,009 – It felt so good to donate all of these items to the Ukraine. It is all new items.


#1,010 – 1,017 – I used up or decluttered all of these skincare items.

Body Care:

#1,018 – 1,020 – I was proud of myself for using up a body scrub as body items usually take me forever to use up, because I don’t take as much as time as I should taking care of it.

Hair Care:

#1,021 – 1,022 – The Amika nozzle stopped working and nothing that I could do could make it go. It was almost like it ran out of aerosol.


#1,023 – 1,031 – I also used up / decluttered 8 makeup products! This concludes my 1K declutter series. If you have been along for the whole ride, thank you so much!

Onto another adventure.

With Love,


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