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Purchased VS Empties: March Update

I did some online and retail therapy this month. I also donated quite a few items as well. I am hoping that the numbers sort of balance each other out. I have no clue though. I know April will throw things way off, because I have already shopped way too much this month. I got so many incredible deals though that I never feel guilty over any of my shopping. I have also really been pushing through product with a speed that I have never accomplished before now that I am not hoarding and saving my products.


5 items were Boxycharm, which costs me $27.99 a month. The Kopari Balm was $9. The eyeliner was $3. Primer for $6 and setting spray for $12. The bath salts were $2. The foot masks were $5.99. The body mask was $8 and the self tanner was $9.99. The scalp scrub was $6.99 and a life saver. The moisturizer was $3 and the Becca highlighter was $12.99. The total spent in March was $106.95, bringing us up to my current yearly total spent as $459.12. I am honestly surprised that I have almost spent $500 in 3 months. I might have been way off when stating that I would purchase about 1K this year.

Used Up:

I used up or decluttered the following items: Shampoo bar $10, bar soap $2, two eyeliners $18 and $12, VS lotion $20, hand cream $16, lotion $5, 2 hair mousses for $15 and $19, 2 face masks for $4, 3 lips masks for $4, 4 eye masks for $5, sleeping mask $3, 2 lip masks for $6, 2 packs of face wipes for $5, 2 lotions for $10, cleanser $6.99, VS scrub $20, hand cream $8.59, heat protectant spray $14, Amika foam dry shampoo $26, Setting spray $36, mini primer $2, 3 lippies $6, MJ Extra Shot $39, Stila mascara $25, and Valentino blush $58. I have used up or decluttered a total of $386.58 this month.

My purchases for the year total $459.12 and my empties total $840.17 so far. This means that I have used up $381.05 more than what I have brought into my collection. However, I have lessened my collection by 16 products, even with the purchases this month. I am very happy with the beauty balance this month. I do like that my use up is currently almost 2x the amount spent. However, April has already been spendy, so I don’t know what the numbers will look like for April.

With Love,

2 thoughts on “Purchased VS Empties: March Update”

  1. The wing stamp looks pretty cute ! I’ve never used one before but recommended to friend who dislikes drawing on liner. I thought it might be a good fit for her.

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