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I have a problem…haul

I have been shopping lately and I think it is because I have been so happy lately. I tend to shop when I am happy and order food when I am sad. I’m also gearing up for my wedding. I want to have beautiful skin and the right makeup for my wedding later this year. I also do donate items and make self-care packages for others. It makes me not feel as bad knowing that I am also sharing the love and my passion for all things beauty. I also enjoy surprising people with something nice just for them.

Beauty Concepts Facial Wipes, 4 packs for $4.99 ($14.99)

I needed more makeup wipes. I like using these in the morning to freshen up. I also use these at night if I am too lazy to take off my makeup. I’m currently using the peach and it smells AMAZING!

I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Peel-Off Mask, 85 ml for $7.99 ($23)

We love this peel off mask! It was so cool. I’m not sure if it is hydrating. It did pull out a bunch of blackheads on my nose. It was easy to peel off in one piece and easy to wipe off where I had it in my hairline and brows. I’m actually making a post of all the masks we have tired including pictures. The holo nature really shows up in this mask.

AMNH Skincare Tightening & Lifting Polish, 8 oz for $4 ($20)

This is a fun product. It smells delicious and I apply this in the shower where I need tightening, not just my boobies. I use this on my arms, butt, stomach, and thighs as well. I wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week, so I have been using this every time that I wash my hair. It’s a luxe step, but not something that I need to have in my routine.

St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion, 6.7 oz for $8 ($25)

I used this once and I do like it for a subtle glow. I needed Martin to get my back though as I didn’t want to get streaky. I think tanning no matter what, is a two person job if you want your back done right. It is great for evening out a natural tan too. I’m getting drivers arm and it is hilarious.

Real Techniques Soft Glam Brush, $3 ($10.99)

This brush was so pretty that I couldn’t resist. I also did not have a highlighter brush (besides a fan brush). I really love this for buffing out liquid highlighters.

BH Paradise Set Hydrating Setting Spray, 100 ml for $3 ($14.50)

As you know by now, I am a setting spray junkie. I can never have too many of them. I have already used up 1 this year and I am well on my way in clearing out 2 more from my collection. I have been leaning towards more glowy makeup lately and glowy finishes. I still like a matte base, especially for work. IDK though. I’ve been into some glow and I’m excited to see my tastes changing over time. I know that I have very expensive tastes, but I try to buy on a budget/sale/discount. I almost never pay full price.

Becca Liquid Highlighter in Acceptance, 1.5 oz for $10 ($38)

Highlights are my weakness, especially liquid. Plus, you all know that I have been getting my hands on as much Becca and Marc Jacob products as I can (that I would actually want and use) since they are both no longer brands / discontinued. I use highlighter on my face and my body. I’ll use it down the center of my legs, on the collar bone, and tops of the shoulders. I’ll put some on my tattoo if I want to emphasize it. It is very versatile.

Becca 24 Hr Coverage Foundation in Vanilla, 1 oz for $10 ($44)

The shade is a bit yellow. I have started to self tan, so this currently matches me. It looks yellow when I squirt it out, but cool toned in the tube. I have made it work though and I can always get lightening drops if I am sold on the formula to get the correct shade match. I would also consider selling it if I can’t get it to work.

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer, 25 g for $19.99 ($49)

I am so happy to have this HUGE bronzer in my collection. It is the perfect tone for my skin and when I am tan, it is perfect as an all over face powder. It smells like coconuts, which is honestly the best part for me. I have coveted this product for a long time and I am excited to call it mine.

The price I paid for this haul (not including tax) was $60.97. The value of the items purchased is $239.48. I almost got 4 times the value for the price that I paid. I think that was awesome! What do you think?

With Love,

4 thoughts on “I have a problem…haul”

  1. Ah that Marc Jacobs bronzer was a super hard to get item back in the day!!!
    Ill miss Becca products even tho theres another company manufacturing a handful of product under the name.

    1. Yasss! It was and the coconut scent does not disappoint. I’ll be good for bronzer for a looonggg time. The only thing I would purchase would be the undereye corrector. I like more of her unusual or unique products, while Smashbox is only producing the most popular products or best sellers.

  2. I love seeing marshalls hauls. One of my friends was great at finding steals , but every time I go it seemed like a tornado hit the place lol. It looks like this was a fantastic haul! The purple polish looks awesome and you found some Becca stuff as well.

    1. It smells amazing too! The Marshall’s and TJMax that I go to always seem to be very organized. Sometimes, the clearance section is a mess, but I take the time to look through items. I usually go in with an idea of what I’m getting, so I have a focal point. I have like $30 in rewards points because I have the Credit Card. I just buy what I can afford and pay off the card every month so I don’t pay any interest but earn points.

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