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BoxyCharm: April 2022

This month’s Boxycharm theme was Spring Revival.

CHELLA Divine Purpose Eyeshadow Palette, $35

I gave this to Martin. This is pretty much a basics palette with a pop of blue. The blue is weird and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the shades. It does match the box though!

ACEOLOGY Detoxifying Treatment Mask, 65 ml for $69

We love a good face mask as you guys very well know. We are looking forward to trying out this peel off mask. Boxycharm must have felt that we are trying out peel off masks, because this is the second one that we got this month as I purchased our first one at Marshall’s. I am sure that this will be an empty soon enough based on how often we mask. I love that my guy isn’t afraid to do “girly” things with me.

QMS MEDICOSMETICS Eye Serum, 15 ml for $118

I am SO EXCITED to try out one of these fancy eye serums! It has a ceramic tip and I am ALL about this product. Do I think I need an eye serum in my routine? No, I think eye cream is enough and I use my face serum on my eyes (when appropriate). Will I absolutely enjoy this product while I have it? Most definitely!

ITEM BEAUTY Lengthening Mascara in Midnight Mood, $15

I enjoy trying out different mascaras, because it is hard for me to find ones that I like. Sometimes, I have to open up a few mascaras to find one that I like in my collection. I am currently using a Smashbox one and I am not feeling it. I think that I will be cracking into this one soon, because I’m not completely happy with the one that I have open. I love wearing mascara, so if I don’t want to do it as it feels like a chore, then it isn’t the one for me. Hopefully, I like this one.

LUCKY CHICK Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz, $22

This is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! It sets and doesn’t budge. It doesn’t go into my crease either! I do use a glitter primer, because I have oily eye lids. I always use a primer with creams, liquids, and glitters. Powder eye shadow tends to stay in place and lightly fade by the end of the day. I also use high quality eye shadow, which might explain the staying power on my oily lids.

The total value of this box is $259. I absolutely love 4/5 things and I am eager to use them. I just tried out the mascara and fell in love. I did cancel my Boxycharm for the time being. I love going to Marshalls and TJ Max. I can get what I want for the same price. I’m just tired I think after a year.

With Love,


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