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EC Haul

I did a mini EC haul, when I ordered the Summer Surprise box at 50% off. I accidently bought the wrong pens and I will elaborate when we get there. I will be making another purchase in the future, so that I can get them and a few notebooks as well. Also, surprise, surprise, I am getting another planner. My June update will explain the reason for a second planner. I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you!

This was a mistake. It was not part of my order, so I got it for free. They are snap in book markers which will be good for holding your page in a notebook or planner with a coil.

I thought that I had gotten the Colorful Dual Tip List Markers, but I had purchased these ones instead. Do not get me wrong, I still love these and will use them. I just thought that I had gotten something different is all. I am a pen Queen, so the more pens, the merrier. I also take a lot of notes at my job, so I run through them as well.

I’m a check list kind of girl, so I feel in love with these List Markers. I’m looking forward to using them in my planner and at work!

I also got these colorful date dots to make sticker kits go the extra mile. Extra date stickers are great to have around for a variety of reasons. The 12 sheets are all different colors, so I can be sure to find the right color for every planner kit.

With Love,


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