22 in 2022: June Update

My current makeup count is 7/22 used up/decluttered. I have no used-up/decluttered items this month. This will strictly be a progress update. Things have been moving and shaking in June. I am hoping that July will yield some good results.

April/May Project Pan Items:

IGK Holographic Foam:

My son used this once. I think it has 1 or 2 more uses left. I plan on using it on a workday as I work with kids and I am always making sure that some part of my appearance is kid-friendly or attention-grabbing so they pay attention to me.

Huda Beauty Setting Spray:

I am still working on this. I swear it is the never-ending setting spray. I also really enjoying this one, so I am not mad that it is taking longer to use up than expected.

Farsali Setting Spray:

We have a third of the bottle left. I am hoping it will be gone by end of July, but I think it will be August before we can roll in another hydrating setting spray.

Becca Bronzing/Highlighting Beads:

I didn’t use this at all the past month. I have been into other things.

Ciate London Setting Powder:

I use this every day and I am getting there. I am looking forward to going back to a pressed powder after this one as a reward as I do not like loose powder anymore.

Florence Brow Gel:

Still plenty of product on the brush.

Bite Lip Gloss:

I am literally powering through this gloss. I am really enjoying it too.

Pretty Vulgar Beauty Mousse:

This is a foundation/primer hybrid. I found out that it is too light for me currently, so I will be replacing this with the Becca Primer as it gives a bit of coverage as well.

Dior Dream Skin Perfector:

This is a primer/light coverage (think slightly tinted) tint as well. It has been so hot that I haven’t been using this as it is a bit oily on my skin. I am putting this one aside until the cooler weather.

Rodial Glow Primer:

This is the oldest primer in my collection. It is a liquid dropper type. I have not started using this yet. I forgot that it was in the project.

Progress is slow, but it is going.

With Love,


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