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Life Updates For July

I have a couple of life updates to report. I started my Master’s Program at Walden University. My study is in Social Work with a concentration in Trauma. I am really loving it a lot more than my Bachelor’s degree. My goal is to be a therapist for children suffering from trauma. I also switched my career. I quit my job and I now work as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist for children on the spectrum. I currently have 5 clients during the week. I also just got my wedding dress and alterations need to get done on it. Life is just going really well right now.

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2 thoughts on “Life Updates For July”

  1. This is so exciting and your career change is going to make you feel like you are doing something good! Granted any type of social word has to be hard espcially if you care about people. But in the end- you will be doing so much good!

    1. It is defintely a calling that isn’t for everyone. It will be fulfilling work. I plan on being a therapist for traumatized children, so I’ll make better money than what I’m making. I’m looking forward to not living paycheck to paycheck in the near future.

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