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July/August Haul:

I did get a few bits and bobs during the month of July and August.

This perfume smells like candy and it was on $10 at TJMAX.

All of the Glow Gorgeous products came from an Influenster box.

These scented glitter gel pens were only $5!

Needed a new hairspray.

These masks are adorable. I bought them to share with my ex-daughter and my ex before we were all ex. Maybe one day, my ex and I will get along to be able to wear these while watching Demon Slayer with her.

This is such a pretty shade for $5.50.

These Kindness Cards were also $5. I’ve already used 2. I like to use them to remind people how great they are.

Right now, I just have the energy for quick posts. It might be a bit before the new me emerges from this new single mom life.

With Love,


7 thoughts on “July/August Haul:”

  1. awesome haul! The Too FAceed Gloss looks so pretty and I hear good things about the Ariana Grande perfume. Plus nice find with the gel pens ! I used to love writing in my journal with them.

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