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Empties: September 2022

Another month is gone and I am feeling better than I ever have before. I’m getting the apartment the way that I want it to be and it is staying neat, despite having a 6-year-old. I am doing well on my own this past month and I am thriving. My son and I are falling into our new routine and our home is so peaceful now. I have space to breathe and be happy. It is so freeing to be alone and prove to yourself exactly what you are made of. I’m in a much better place than I was at the end of August. The rest of the year has so much joy and excitement to bring me. I just know it.


13 sheets of stickers used up sounds about right. I go through phases where I do this consistently and then a week where I just need a break. I’ve been sick, so I haven’t been stickering my planner and I miss it.


I am so happy to have moved through three shampoos in the past month. 4 packets equal enough for one hair mask.

Body Care:

I used up my last two bathbombs. Now, I can get more!


It is 1 makeup item, but I am still so proud of myself. I have really been using my makeup a ton at least 5 days a week. There are a bunch of makeup items that I am so close to finishing up. I am watching so many items go down with consistent usage. I am so ready for next year’s project pan!


I did pamper myself with a sheet mask this month and used my regular pack of wipes from Marshalls. I had breakouts this past month due to a new BC so I used up a packet of acne dots and had to bust a second one open.

All in all, 10 products used up is not a bad month at all.

With Love,


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