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22 in 2022: September Update

In August, I was about to use up 8/22. By the end of September, I was able to raise that up 3 more. Now, we are at 11/22. We are halfway there with only 3 months left. lol. The Farsali primer/setting spray smelled like vinegar. I was glad to use it up. I am using another primer/setting spray from Too Faced to replace this one. The Too Faced is too sticky to be a setting spray for my preferences. I hit pan on two eyeshadows because my son dug out the eyeshadow while watching me apply it with my fingers.

11/22 is not a bad way to end this update. I’m just getting over being sick, so I’ll be able to wear makeup again soon. I never wear it when I am sick to not contaminate it. I’m looking forward to wearing more of my collection and using up more stuff. Every time I think it is the last use, it isn’t. Makeup takes FOREVER to use up it seems. lol.

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