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Shein Haul

It has been a while since I bought these clothes, so I will speed through the items I purchased. I am moving towards purchasing clothing from Marshalls as the quality is usually better. I have gotten many things that I love from Shein, so I will continue to purchase unique items like the Hello Kitty collection.

I love this pj set so so much. I purchased a small, and it fits perfectly!

The swimsuit is super cute, and I love it! I do wear shorts with it, though, when I’m with my son. This shade of periwinkle blue makes me look more tan than I actually am.

My favorite color is pink, so these pants are right up my alley!

I also purchased some items from the Care Bear collection. These pants are so cute and are a mix of jeans and corduroy like material.

I thought this would look cute in the spring un buttoned with a tucked in tang top or something like that.

These pants are adorable. I love the pink that is growing in my clothing collection.

The Care Bear dress is hands down my favorite item that I purchased from this haul. It fits my personality to a T.

Cute workout clothes for the summer.

I finally bought myself a winter coat, and yes it is in pink. lol. It has a subtle army-style print. It is very warm as it is a down-feathered coat.

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