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2023 Project Pan: Intro

I am not focusing on particular products this year. I am going to be enjoying my collection and using what I want. I will naturally be going through the makeup in my collection. I am not setting a goal for numbers this year because it puts too much pressure on me, and this is supposed to be fun. I will track how many days I wear makeup monthly and focus on those numbers instead. Ideally, I want to wear makeup 5 days a week. I work with children, so I do fun makeup looks for them when I have the time in the morning. Otherwise, I have a basic routine, with date nights being the only exception where I do a full face.

I am just looking to get some more consistent movement through my makeup collection as I use items up and declutter whatever I don’t like as I go. I am getting an understanding of the types of makeup that I enjoy. I am focusing on using up my collection to curate it to my new makeup style and preferences.

Considering all of this, my monthly check-ins will look like this: I’ll show what makeup products I used up. I’ll compare how many times I wore makeup that month with the number of days. I’ll also show any new monthly purchases if they are just one-off purchases, not a haul.

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4 thoughts on “2023 Project Pan: Intro”

    1. I need less pressure in 2023. lol. Plus, I think I finally have my stash under control and I just want to enjoy what I have. See how it goes. Excited to see how well we do!

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